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Dec 21, 2013 04:54 PM

What do you think of this itinerary, including Restaurant August for NYE:

lunch dinner
1:15 Café Amelie 8:30 Revolution
12:30 Commanders Palace 8:30 Emerils
1:00 Peche 10:00 Restaurant August or Nola
8:00 Sylvain or 8:30 Commanders Palace

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  1. I do not understand the question. Are you asking for our votes on your pairings for NYE? I cannot imagine giving any advice to you without some help from your quarter. As posited, your query leaves me without much hope of help

    1. Let me rephrase the question: What do you think of this itinerary for our four days in New Orleans? Starting with lunch on Sunday at Cafe Amelie......

      1. I think I see. Lunch/dinner per day Well, Café Amelie certainly won't disappoint. It is a lovely place and the few times I have been it has been fine. Fall/spring is best so you are on the right track. Might be a warm New Year as things are shaping up--but Who Knows?

        Revolution is still, for me, a question mark. I prefer food to schmaltz and trickery. don't care about Camp stoves and such. It is selling an Idea and A Concept but the food is good. The trickery wears on me, though. I suppose it is needed in these days.
        You cannot go wrong with Commander's on even a bad da in there. Locals know enough to complain about the pasteurized crabmeat or the over--done coffee (from time-to-time) but on the whole it is a wonderful place. It is also two restaurants: the one you see gliding through on your trip, and also the one you se when dining with old Miss Italian Name whose brother worked there before the Brennan family bought it and she sits at one or two of the same tables. The Food MAgazine reviewer sitting nxt to her will cavil about the salad fork not being chilled but MIz Agnes will get a few extra shrimp. If you pay attention, you can see the Real Place and not a trumped-up image as I often find in Name Restaurans.

        Emeril's is, well, Emeril's. It owes its being to television and that fact shows. Food is fine. To my mind it plays toomuch towards an "image" of the city but I suppose that it is hard to avoid that.

        Peche is, to me, a gimmick. I loathe the name, I do not like the space at all and the food is gimmicky but not at all bad. It certainly is fresh stuff so you won't be disappointed by the quality.

        No opinion on Sylvain.

        August was a good idea but there are no customers for the intent. I've never had a bad meal there but I have always thought that I'd rather have spent the money at Clancy's. But that is solely because I'm a local and drift to comfortable spots. There really is no place in New Orleans--or even in New York nowadays--that can pull off the Grand Style anymore.