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Dec 21, 2013 04:05 PM

Your Favorite Restaurant in 2013

Seeing as how the Gazette dropped the ball (they only got 200 votes, and somehow managed to get Baton Rouge in both the expensive and cheap categories


What would you consider your best/favorite/most memorable/etc. restaurant meal in 2013? And why?

Then if you feel like it, what restaurant are you most interested/excited/wanting/etc. to try in 2014? And why?

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  1. Then to get the ball rolling... While certain memorable meals include a breakfast at the Binerie Mont Royal, savory doughnuts at Chez Boris, an awesome souvlaki at Elatos, a fabulous flammekueche at La Flammée, the best family-style Chinese meal I've ever had at Plâts De Pates Hong Mère, ridiculously good offal at Lawrence, mouthwatering BBQ at Moonshine.

    I'd have to say that Hotel Herman was responsible for my most memorable meal of 2013. Dominic, my sweetie, and the friends we encountered while we were there are probably most responsible. Seeing as how I can't remember what we ate, but I've been wanting to get back there since October (when we ate there).

    As for 2014. I want to try Le Contemporain and Manger Avec Eric. Both have weird hours/locations that don't make it easy for me to try them. But I've heard some very good things about both. And then with the weather we've been having recently Resto-Bistro Téré also jumps out at me, if only because Polish food and freezing rain go together like PB&J...

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      What is this bistro Tere you speak of? Polish food, yummmm

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          It looks like an odd place for what looks like such a nice restaurant. See that it isn't far from boulevard St-Michel (that bus is fairly frequent). Don't really feel like making the trip in this bitter cold - too bad, as it is a most appropriate cuisine.

          Indeed, a good Polish restaurant is more than welcome, and that whole fish has me salivating!

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        Drove by Bistro Tere today and was closed - windows all covered up in paper. There was no sign suggesting relocation or renovation either.

      2. Maybe some of the 200 were Baton Rouge employees! BR would never make my list of top restaurants though I did like the BR in Dollard for late night snacks after a concert in that region. Nice staff/warm atmosphere.
        My memorable meal was brunch at EVOO. MMMM. Second place would be the take out Thai in Little Italy (the guy who delivers by bicycle; can't remember the name of the place), followed by a picnic in Lafontaine Park. That was a unique experience on a summer's eve.
        There are so many restos on my bucket list for 2014 I won't be able to name them. We just got a coupon for Nonya today; so I will name that one as one I wish to try soon!

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          The reference you are looking at for Thai food in the Mile-End/ Little-Italy:!/chakwowth...

          Delivery in hoods mentionned above. Pick-up if you live somewhere else in the city.

        2. The Gazette readers also voted Burgundy Lion into the Fine Dining category yet Bouillon Bilk into Casual dining....

          My list won't come as a surprise to anyone who has ever read my recommendations:
          My favourite meals this year were had at Le Filet for dinner, and Rhubarbe, EVOO, and H4C for brunch.
          My favourite first visits included Hotel Herman, Mais, and perhaps Vin Papillon
          Most improved: Maison Publique
          Most pleasant surprise: Communion and Grinder
          Best value: EVOO lunch, Laloux Bar theatre menu, and of course Quartier General

          1. Favorite brunches: La Récolte, EVOO, H4C and La Bete à Pain.

            I also had memorable dishes like the rabbit pasta at Bouillon Bilk, the potato and cabbage pizzoccheri at Brama, awesome scones at EVOO (the best ones I ever ate except for my own), the apple crepe Tatin at Spanel.

            Restaurants I look forward to trying in 2014 are La Famille, Vin Papillon, Impasto and the brunches at Barcola and Lili Co.

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              Very positive write-up for La Barcola in Le Devoir:

              Cooking from the Trieste region, with the strong Slovenian and Austrian influences of that Italian outpost (I've been to Trieste, but not to Barcola).

            2. My most memorable meal for 2013 was at Jardin Iwaki. Truely one of the best high priced meals I've ever had.

              And as a steady regular for great value and quality, Dinette Triple Crown