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Dec 21, 2013 03:49 PM

Anywhere to buy a 6-8 lb turkey (e.g., L'il Butterball)?

We didn't get our fill of turkey at Thanksgiving, so I want to make one, but not for a crowd. I know that there are 'L'il Butterballs' that are as small as 6 lbs, which would be great to find. Anyone know somewhere that currently has turkeys close to that small, fresh or frozen? I'm not looking for just a turkey breast, or any other variation. I'm in Arlington, and the places I've unsuccessfully called so far are the Arlington and Lexington Stop + Shops and Trader Joe's. Thanks!

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  1. Have you thought about perhaps doing a duck instead? They come smaller..

    1. Target offers a small turkey that might suit your needs. Always have had good results with this product.

      1. I am very surprised that your local Stop and Shop cannot fill your order for a smaller Butterball. How about a Butterball boneless breast? I have ordered them in the past from Stop and Shop and made them into roulade with stuffing.

        1. have you called whole foods or mayflower poultry?

          1. Tried calling a Target and a Whole Foods, and neither had one that small. Mayflower's a good thought, and I haven't checked them yet. Thanks for the thoughts so far.