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Dec 21, 2013 03:26 PM

On the Bone - Princeton

We went one recent Friday night and walked into an almost empty restaurant. The restaurant is connected to a hotel which seemed crowded, but OTB was not. We stuck with burgers and sandwiches, which were all good. I must admit we were hesitant to try a steak due to the emptiness of the place, perhaps our loss. The reviews are very mixed for this restaurant, either very good or very bad. The staff was nice. I couldn't place the problem here, but then we only went this one time. Anyone have more visits to here and a reason for why they are empty on a Friday night?

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  1. Is this where the Gallagher's/city Grille used to be?

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      It's with Doubletree Hotel at Rt 1 and Ridge Rd. Not sure where Gallagher's was.

    2. You and I agree almost all the time - will put this on my "Must Try" list just to get a feel for the place and will post. Anything else we should know since we give the place a run?

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        No, I don't know anyone that has been here. As I said, the steaks might have had me singing soprano, but just a very weird vibe to the place. Assuming you watch "Restaurant Stakeout", where there is a nice looking restaurant, but not busy, and people always ask "how come no one is here?". Please let us know what you think.

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          We're local and have never dined here.

          I think it's a tough spot - hidden in the fairly unattractive Doubletree (used to be a Holiday Inn) on a underdeveloped (if there can be) section of Route 1. Unless the light is red, traffic passes here at 60-70 miles an hour and north bound travelers have no chance of even knowing On the Bone is here.

          Most office/commuter traffic is Forrestal on south. Most shopping traffic is Meadow rd and south so not much reason to venture up here.

          If they had a nice sign in yard fronting Route 1 it could help. Also if they painted their section of the building a different color than the hotel it could help establish them as a separate entity. As it is, their only sign is a small name above the door, facing the parking lot and hidden by trees most of the year.

      2. Also Friday night at a business hotel is not the best night to take a reading - Friday afternoon/night is when most people checkout and head for the airport at most business hotels, and if you are still stuck there over the weekend there's probably better options within a quick drive on Route 1. I realize that the rest of the hotel looked busy but there could have been a conference, etc.

        I stayed at the (formerly) Staybridge Suites right next door for about 6 weeks two years ago - no hotel worker or other guest ever told me about On the Bone in numerous conversations.

        Having said all the above, I did eat there once, and it was good.

        1. I work in this area and want to try it but to drive here from home doesn't make much sense and I think it doesn't get full because it's just outside the realm of the hotter areas. Brunswicks and Princeton... Any agreeance?

          1. On the Bone has evidently closed.

            It's now called "The Restaurant at the DoubleTree" and is listed on OpenTable as a steakhouse.

            Looks like they simply replaced the On the Bone name in the OpenTable description without much care in editing or updating. Also the website link now goes to a generic senior center blog page.