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Nov 24, 2005 09:18 AM

Thai in Austin - Madam Mam's

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Several recent comments have got me wondering - what *is* good Thai food? I'm a proponent of Madam Mam's, but then I see several people say that it is just "okay" or the "don't like it as much as other places."

Just to clarify - I like Thai Passion, Thai Kitchen, and most any Thai place in general. I had my graduation dinner at Bangkok Cuisine years ago when it was the only Thai place around.

To me, MM's is simply more authentic. I've noticed that, in personal conversations, people who like "Dancing Shrimp" type dishes don't like MM's as much. Also, some people ALWAYS order pad thai or red curry curry don't like it. People who order som tum or kai soi, however, like MM's.


And has THai Kitchen expanded their menu in the last couple of years? I went last week, and it seems like they have stepped up to the plate a bit - perhaps because of the proximity to MM's?

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  1. I personally feel that Madam Mam's is the best Thai food in Austin. I can't vouch for its authenticity, although the reviewer in the Austin Chronicle said that it was the best Thai food he'd eaten outside of Thailand.

    Thai Passion and the others are fine, but my wife and I never choose any Thai other than Madam Mam's.