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Dec 21, 2013 12:31 PM

Beltway (95) stop for Mexican , Thai, etc

My husband and I are driving from Baltimore through DC en route south for Christmas. We wanted to stop for dinner at a chow worthy place. Not too fancy - I was thinking more great Mexican, Thai, etc and perhaps Soringfieldish (convenient . )but we are ok with anywhere along our route. The more adventurous food the better - love Sichuan, Cantonese, authentic Thai, and would love mexican (preferably a taqueria or similar) as the choices are slim in Baltimore after living in Southern california. Not too divey or fancy since we will be bringing our 18 month old.

Love Grace Garden (Odenton), which would be ideal in every way except that we would like to travel a bit further from Baltimore before stopping, and we will be travelling tomorrow and it is closed on Sundays.

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  1. Thai ghang waan (pretty sure about the spelling) in springfield is great. The Thai menu and the goong gleur in the regular menu especially.

    There's also La Mexicana bakery a few miles south on rt 1 in Alexandria, but it might also be closed Sunday. Probably the closest you'll get to SoCal for tacos and sopes in northern Virginia, even if they did stop serving my favorite torta ahogada. Tacos al Costalilla is a bit further down rt 1, and also very good. Both of these are no atmosphere, but not actively scary or anything. I'd take an 18mo old there :)

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      Both La Mexicana and Costalilla are open at 11am on Sunday.

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        Thanks! We arrived too late for La Mexicana, but we're very happy at Thai Ghang Waan. We had the duck roll, papaya salad, goong gleur and floating market soup (which had a thai name I don't remember). Everything was very fantastic and they were very friendly as well. The service was a little slow but totally reasonable for a place that actually cooks the food to order.

        Papaya salad was spiced perfectly. But the star was the floating market soup. So extremely meaty and flavorful. One of the best Asian beef noodle soups I have ever had. The strip mall is pretty dreary but I would definitely go back. Highly recommended.

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          Thanks for the report back.. Sounds like a real winner. Good FMNS is wonderful thing.