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Dec 21, 2013 12:08 PM

poor mans sous vide

So ive always wanted a sous vide machine. But i dont have retarded amounts of money...solution for this = a $25.00. Hamilton beach slow cooker... and a good meat thermometer.. fill with water...put the lid the thermometer through the steam hole....a consistent 136 degrees.. bag off the meat and vacuum...done it several times now with lamb..thick thick ribeyes... 1-1.25 hours in the redneck sous vide...sear and serve... perfect results every time.. i know you dont have as much temp control this way..but in a pinch or just to have the satisfaction of trying it.. id say its quite nice..

also as a side note i get about 130-135 on the keep warm setting...

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  1. Check this out and read reviews. This can be used to control the heat in your crock pot turning it into a SV cooker, FOR UNDER $20.00!

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    1. re: zackly

      thats awesome! may have to pull out the old credit card for that thanks for the info

      1. re: nothingclever77

        I think it does require some basic wiring because I don't see a 120 volt outlet on the unit but from reading the reviews that is easy and inexpensive

    2. This is an interesting thread because I was looking at doing the same thing myself.
      The other issue now is finding something to circulate the water so there are no hot/cold spots.
      I've seen where others have tried to use aquarium pumps but they melt from the heat.

      UPDATE: After searching the Internet, I found someone who faced the same problem and is using one of these.

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      1. re: SteveTimko

        So far i havent really had issues with temperature variance..i think its partially due to the thickness of seems to heat very evenly. But now that you mention it..its time for some science experiments with a digital thermometer to see where it all shakes out. Unfortunately it wont be today... slow cooker is full of xmas dinner ever!!