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Centouno - Oakland JLS

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Fabio Dalle Vacche, who was the original chef at Borgo Italia, opened his own place this week at 101 ("Centouno") Broadway at Embarcadero.


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  1. The menu's very similar to Borgo Italia's. The room is bigger and more spacious.

    Torta fritta with salumi ($14) was as good as at the old place. Caponata ($8) was fantastic, only slightly tart and sweet, great balance.

    Gnocchi al pesto ($14) were delicate and great. I had a few bites of the tagliatelle al sugo ($12), that was the standout of the night, great al dente texture, perfect amount of sauce, a surprising hint of rosemary.

    Split a steak with arugula ($18). Nice light second course after substantial quantities of pasta.

    Drank Lambrusco ($32), paired well with everything, particularly the salumi.

    They comped us some torta della nonna that had not made it onto the menu yet. Pasta frolla tart shell filled with lemon crema pasticciera and topped with top-quality Italian pine nuts. Really nice.

    Overall a great meal. There were a couple of very minor new-restaurant glitches but apparently most of the people worked together at Borgo so they pretty much have their act together.

    1. fabulous. As a big fan of Borgo, I can't wait to go to the new location.

      didn't find a menu online. do they still have that chickpea flatbread socca-like thing?

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        I'm not sure, I didn't look closely at that section of the menu. I imagine he'll make all the same dishes from time to time.