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Dec 21, 2013 09:22 AM

Stracchino Cheese/cheese shops in westchester

Hey chowhounds,

I am looking for stracchino cheese in westchester. Anybody know where I can buy some? Or know of italian specialty shops or good cheese shops in westchester? Preferably in north westchester but I am flexible. Thanks everyone!

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  1. not sure if either of these would have it but would try either dantes on central ave (white plains) or A&S in Mt. Kisco.

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    1. re: 51rich

      Have you tried Turcos in Yorktown? There's also an A&S in Croton if that's more convenient. (North Westchester means different things to different people)

    2. Thank you for the suggestions! I went to Dantes but they didn't order any this year. I'll try Turcos and a&s next.

      I didn't realize dgresh. I'll be more specific. Closer to briarcliff manor.

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      1. re: scatterbrainfoodie

        I've just seen people call White Plains "northern westchester". Briarcliff is more that in my mind :)