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Dec 21, 2013 08:44 AM

Raleigh: Christmas Eve?

Hi all --- best suggestions for a restaurant open Christmas Eve in Raleigh? One vegetarian will be with us, so a place with flexible option would be necessary. No Ashely Christensen place, please. Otherwise we're open to suggestions! Many thanks!!

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  1. We've always been happy with David's over on Hillsborough for Xmas eve. Great food, as always, and a festive, diverse vibe.

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      Oh, I love David's. I wish I had thought of that. I made reservations at Mia Francesca earlier this afternoon. Sitti had been our other choice, but their only reservations left were 2 at 5pm or 1 at 6…. Thanks for the feedback.

      1. re: Tehama

        Please report back on Mia Francesca. Their menu looks good and I've been curious about them!

        Have a Merry Christmas!

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          We had a pretty disappointing meal at Mia Francesca. It was uninspired Italian fare.

          Our standards were high though, b/c my wife and I went to one of the original Mia Francescas in Chicago early in our marriage.

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            We've only been to Mia Francesca once before and it was very good. I'll definitely report back after tonight; they have both a special Christmas Eve menu as well as their regular menu.

      2. Hope everyone that celebrated Christmas had a merry one and to everyone else happy early New Years!

        I promised to report back on Mia Francesca (MF) from Christmas Eve. I'd say it was a positive experience, but not the most fabulous dining experience I've ever had. This was our second time at MF, and I think the first time was better. However, it was absolutely slam-packed, even at 8:30 pm, so I am going to attribute that to some of the problems.

        The BF and I got there earlier than our friends and had a drink at the bar. The "bee's knees" cocktail was very tasty, but the bartender had 0 personality. How about a merry-freaking-Christmas with the drink?

        Our friends arrived and we went to the above-referenced packed dining room. We were met by a harried-waitress who seemed like she had had a very long day.

        We had 3 salads and Bruschetta all a Romana which arrived quickly. Everything quite tasty, not mind-blowing. I ordered Lentils & Spinaci from the appetizer menu for my entrée.

        The other 3 had
        Fresh fettuncini pasta, butternut squash, Prosciutto di Parma, wild mushrooms, swiss chard, and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano; Spaghetti alla Bolognese; and Pollo al Parmesan

        My lentils were rather bland, if truth be told. They were vastly, and pleasantly, helped by heaping some of the BF's Bolognese sauce into lentils. In fact, I just finished the lentils leftovers and they were wonderful now that they have been gussied-up.

        The BF(with very high standards) said his Bolognese was pretty good, though he liked the Bolognese at Vivace better.

        My vegetarian friend ordered the fettucini and it was quite nice, with deep, earthy notes from the mushrooms. Her husband ordered the Pollo al Parmesan. I would say it was very, very good with the caveat that it was a typical Americanized version of chicken parm. It was a huge serving and the chicken was deliciously plump and moist.

        All in all, I would have enjoyed the evening a little more if the wait staff had been more engaging and it wasn't so busy. BUT that is what we get for going out on Christmas Eve so I shan't complain any more about that.

        I certainly wouldn't mind to go back to MF again, especially on a more relaxed evening. As I recall, the chicken marsala I had several months ago was very nice. I'd say it is one of those "safe bet" places where you are neither going to get blown-away nor disappointed