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Dec 21, 2013 08:31 AM

Soft Pretzels Hot from the Oven

Just made a short detour to visited Bell Alley Soft Pretzels in Reading. Of course taste is totally subjective but these Pretzels from this small one person back alley baker are the best this poster has ever had. If you like soft pretzels and are anywhere close by do yourself a big favor and visit this throwback baker.

A link provided by a CH on a previous post peaked my interest and thanks to them for that!

Search on youtube for Bell Alley Soft Pretzels my link
did not work.

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed them. I've chimed in a few times that I have fond memories of stopping there often when I lived and worked in Reading in the '80's. Amazingly, it sounds like the place hasn't changed, except for the price.

    1. If you want pretzels hot from oven without schlepping to Reading. DiPalma of the awesome bread in the NE has a hot pretzel store on Cottman Ave, just east of State Rd, as you come off Route 95 at the Cottman Ave exit going north.
      When it was the way to get to a family member l never missed getting 3 or 6