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Dec 21, 2013 02:08 AM

Galveston Breakfast

Looking for some recommendations for breakfast in Galveston. Prefer the Strand but looking for any recs.

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  1. Locals enjoy the Sunflower Bakery and Cafe. Another popular spot is the Mosquito Cafe.

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    1. re: swamp

      We just ate at the Sunflower Bakery & Cafe today for lunch. In looking over the menu the breakfast offerings appear to be top notch with a wide selection. I recommend it. I was going to have an all-day breakfast but then was surprised they had a rare for Texas Pork "T" sandwich - that's a fried pork tenderloin sandwich I pursue.

      The historic Star Drugstore near the Strand is another place I liked for breakfast. It is more a restaurant than a drugstore.

      1. re: Davydd

        Both excellent choices, but a lesser known venue is Bistro Le Croy around the corner from Rudi and Paco's on 21st.

        They have half a dozen eggs benedict take offs. Many are on a fried green tomato in place of the normal muffin. I had the one with spicy shrimp.

        This is weekend only I believe.

    2. La Estacion for giant breakfast burritos on house-made tortillas. It's on Ball Street, about half a mile from the Strand.

      1. I am admittedly biased in favor of old hotels, so I'd at least check out the Galvez and the Tremont to see what they have to offer.