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Dec 20, 2013 10:18 PM

Favorite Thai places near west 42 and ninth or tenth ave

There are many thai restaurants in this area. Can you tell me your favorite one? Anyone been to Yum Yum 3, Talent 2 or @Nine? Thanks!

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    1. Larb Ubol in that area for sure

      Another option a bit further is Pure Thai

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          1. I lived in the neighborhood for a couple of years and we made it a point to dine at every 9th Ave. Thai joint. None of them really impressed me. The three adjacent Yum Yum restaurants are actually just fine and serve very affordable, edible food. But I think few people cross town to go to them. The mostly support a pre-theater/weekend crowd.

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              thanks- what places did you like on 9th and 10th Ave in the neighborhood- close to 42- (Doesn't have to be Thai)

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                Nahama, here's a primer I created on the Hell's Kitchen area with a map (created by my 11 year old daughter)...

                Near 42 I suggest you look at Gotham West Market and Mercato.

                I'm not sure which Thai places foodmonk visited but Larb Ubol (fairly new) and Pure are certainly worth visiting in my book