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Whole Food Shoppers

Does anyone know if they sell Danishes/coffeecakes at Whole Foods?

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  1. They might? Wouldn't it be easiest and most accurate to just call your local store and ask?

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        Some of them do sell those. I'm in New York City and have definitely seen both (especially coffee cake) at Whole Foods.

    1. Some locations do and some locations don't.

      Ask about a specific location on your local board or just pick up the phone.

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        That's the plan. Have you had one? I hear the bakery can be a little disappointing there.

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          Only buy bakery items I see being placed in or on the counters, knowing those are fresh, tending to patronize neighborhood bakeries for sweets.

          If I have had WF danish or coffee cake, it was at some meeting/event and unremarkable.

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            I baugette their baguette and some of their pastry as a snack for my daughter and I wasn't impressed.

      2. Ours in St. Louis do, and more.

        1. Depends on where you are. A lot of their baked goods are locally sourced and vary from store the store. For instance my WF sells some really nice Danishes from Rockenwagner Bakery, but that won't help if you're not in Southern California.

          1. Each store has a different selection. Call your store and see what they carry. It varies by region.

            1. Yes they do. The issue with WFM baked goods, in my experience, is mostly limited to their cakes and pies. The cookies (especially the oatmeal raisin and vegan ginger snap) are fantastic as are their scones. The Danish look pretty good, too, as do the coffee cakes.

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                I agree with this. Also, as mentioned, WF carries local bakery items, so the chocolate babka I get here in Connecticut will not be available in WF Orlando.

              2. The WF in my neighborhood does but they aren't anything to write home about. Small selection, ridiculously over priced and usually dry. The last time I bought a ring coffee cake at WFs I returned it.

                1. We were just in a WF that was pretty small and their bread selection was very limited. Even like Costco, they don't all carry the same things.

                  1. The one I go to most often in Bellaire TX always has chopped up samples of various breads and pastries displayed. Sometimes there's a pusher there aggressively urging shoppers to take a sample of something. I sampled some coffee cake/danish just recently. Probably the best chain grocery store cc/danish I'd ever had but there are other bakeries I'd turn to if I wanted the very best in town.

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                      As I said, above-The sample was fresh/just made that day. That's what people should buy. If you don't know the date it was made, don't buy it.