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Dec 20, 2013 08:56 PM

Fish head soup/stew recipe for Christmas dinner?

Hi I would like to try a fish head stew/soup for Christmas dinner. I'd prefer a recipe that is dairy-free and I'd also prefer to find a recipe where the heads are first boiled to create a stock and then shredded, no whole fish heads in the finished product.
I doubt many in my family would go for it with obvious fish heads floating around.
On another downer note, I can't have a recipe with too many hard to find ingredients, I will not have time to go finding these before the dinner, but will still take any recs you have for the future!

I have so far found this recipe,
but always like to look at others out of curiosity.

Can't thank you enough,

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  1. Have you considered fish head bouillabaisse? Ingredients should be easy and most of all pantry ready IMO.