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aventura, hollywood, hallandale--south beach--reasonable--fresh--

just read through old posts on aventura, doesn't seem to be a lot of new info here, seems like the same short list of places gets recommended by the same few posters...is there a shortage of posters on this board--because I'm in NYC but get down there 1x a year, and like to try a couple new places---I usually go to Joe's, for stone crabs, but who else has good stone crabs, I know about Captain Jim's, but it's a fish market--and billy's I hear mixed things about--last year at Joe's, couldn't believe it, but got 2 plates of crabs with sticky shells--frozen, was quite shocked--and it's just so pricey, I can't understand how the quality could even be questionable--i didn't want to cause a scene with the people I was with, but frankly, if I had been dining there alone, I would've sent them all back, and asked for a manager to complain..but I do need my stone crab fix, and can't take them to go, because people I stay with are kosher..---so, is there another restuarant to get them--in one of these areas....--I love Miami Juice on collins and eat there a lot for lunch, and grab tuna at Epicure--and I love Barrio Latino in Waterways, food is always great and reasonable---and they have killer chimichurri--I'm used to really authentic great thai up in ny so I don't bother to look for thai there, but old school miami chinese would be good...sang's is my husband's favorite he goes there for black bean razor clams--but it's a bit dingy for me--any other more upscale places in the nmb vicinity or elsewhere...what about Indian? Are there any good spots, Turkish?, Greek (been to place in design district, expensive, and loud place, with table dancing opa,--don't like)--been to overpriced pasta spot near Yakko san--and been to yakko san, but those that I am with not into this kind of stuff---eat at anthony's coal over and happy to have them in nYC, ---used to go to pilar a lot but they changed their menu, scallops are still great..but it's limited...--gosh I do miss the old school restaurants of old miami....talking 1960's-70's--still dream of the brandy snaps at arthur's eating house--any suggestions welcome thanks

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  1. also had good meals at jimmy in design district area--

    1. There was a shortage of stone crabs last year so a much higher proportion of stones were frozen. True even for Joes. Joes is your best bet for stone crabs under any circumstances.

      1. At least 50% of the time at Joe's I've gotten at least one frozen claw on the plate - though not on my most recent visit. It does depend a bit on whether it's a good season.

        Since I'm one of those "same few posters" and have done so often esp. on Aventura / North Beach, I'm not sure I have much to add, but would note a few things:

        - For Greek / Mediterranean, it sounds like you went to Taverna Opa but that's not in the Design District. Maybe it was Egg & Dart? I'd go to Mandolin Aegean Bistro instead.

        - Not strictly Turkish but in the same genre I'd go to Kabobji in North Miami Beach (same stretch of road as Yakko-San). Also Jerusalem Deli on Biscayne Blvd. (more of a take-out place).

        - Indian is tough to find done well in Miami. Copper Chimney in Sunny Isles is hit or miss but can sometimes be good.

        - For Thai I'd suggest you try Panya in North Miami Beach (163rd Street towards I-95). I'm not Thai, have never been to Thailand, and will not presume to speak to "authenticity," but will tell you it's the most interesting, flavorful and bold Thai food I've had in Miami, with some less typical items than you find at most places here (and no sushi). Also had some good, much better than average take-out from Ricky Thai Bistro on 123rd St. The specials at Oishi can also be good.

        - There is a major Chinese deficit in Miami though King Palace is pretty decent - no less dingy than Sang's though. For upscale Chinese, go to Hakkasan in the Fontainebleau (very pricy). Or for something with a bit more of a contemporary feel check out the newly opened BlackBrick in Midtown (there's a recently updated thread with more info).

        - If you've not been I'd also encourage you to check out Josh's Deli in Surfside.

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          thanks for the suggestions, how is the stone crab season going so far? I just don't want to pay those prices and get sticky frozen claws again, very dissapointing....been to mandolin bistro design distr, overpriced and not as good as we have in ny for 1/2 the price and twice the portion, or same price and just better--,--I remember years ago, golden griddle on 441 for yummy greek food at great value..country style...but these places along with many others are distant memories of a gastro miami that doesn't exist anymore...

          copper chimney place has decent online reviews, but the photos do not look very appetizing, and their mint chutney looked nuclear----problem is the comparison to what you can get in nyc, so I like to stick with meals that are more florida in nature, for example, we have lousy cuban food in ny, so we like to eat ALOT of cuban food, can't get stone crabs, so we like to eat those, --and we like those places that give you nice salads and garlic rolls, like Giannis in Pompano beach--those are florida type places that are good to bring the folks out to.... Josh's deli sounds interesting--bit out of the way though...the ricky thai place is better located than all the way up 163 to 1-95 that might be a good possiblity..

          any great brunches anywhere these days? How is le petit cafe in dania?--http://www.lepetitcafededania.com/ used to love their crepes and napolean, does anyone know if they are still good..the online reviews reflect so--but haven't been there in years...thought we might go there for lunch since it's close to the FLL airport...

          what about mexican? any good places what about that place cheen huaye or paquitos? which is better? i see there's a mercadito near to wynwood I think...how is it?

          what about the hollywood area near to the beach--anything good over there? I think I got a sandwich at place near there last year, can't remember the name, it was ok...

          was reading up on Pilar, wow, i guess my last awful meal there wasn't a fluke, seems like the place was sold, or under new management or something, tons of bad online reviews from this year with simliar complaints..too bad, used to be a reliable place with fresh fish and seafood nicely prepared...

          the brick place didn't seem to get very good reviews and I can't find online menu anywhere, but the sakaya place has very good menu, how is it? if we are around there...

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            Re Mexican: I like Cheen Huaye - not fantastic, but good. I don't particularly like Paquitos (though as really generic Mexican goes, it's passable). I've also enjoyed the TacoBelly lunch menu at PB Steak on South Beach. I've been underwhelmed by Mercadito and given that you have it NY I certainly wouldn't bother here.

            I've now tried a good bit of the menu at BlackBrick and have really enjoyed it. Lots of Sichuan style dishes and flavors, and though the heat may not be turned up as much as you'd find in an "authentic" Sichuan spot, everything I've had has tasted really good.

            The menu is a work in progress but here's a snapshot as of about a week ago:

            I assume you're referring to Yelp reviews and I wouldn't give them much credence. First of all, they're Yelp reviews and so I wouldn't give them much credence. But more specifically, Miami historically has not had a lot of good Chinese restaurants, and I'm skeptical that you're average Miami Yelper is a particularly sophisticated consumer of Chinese food.

            Re traditional Spanish: there's Xixon, Bulla (a bit more modern), Rincon Asturiano, all of which I've tried and would recommend. Also Las Tapas de Rosa and Bocaito, which are recommended by friends. My experiences at Delicias de España have been mixed, though their market is excellent.

        2. It is best to avoid Aventura this time of year. Horrendous traffic. In Dania Beach try the Tuscany Caffe http://www.tuscanycaffe.com. Small place, very good and reasonably priced Italian food. Had lunch there and all the other tables were speaking Italian. Le Petit Café still good with the same French owners. There are numerous kosher restaurants in the Waterways but it is in Aventura so you would have to brave the traffic. The Chinese kosher place is OK. Shokudo in Buena Vista has very good pan Asian food with a lovely patio garden. http://www.shokudomiami.com Ask for Yoko, the owner. The chef there worked at Boulevard in SF and they will make you dishes off the menu if you ask. Miami has lots of Latin and Spanish restaurants. That is our strength. I have been to Three Palms at 11500 Biscayne Blvd. many times in Miami. Solid Cuban food and coffee. Very good breakfasts and cheap prices. Do not have to go to Little Havana or Hialeah to get your Cuban fix. Agree with the other posters except that I love King Palace for BBQ, noodle soups and hot pots. Above average even for New York IMHO. Much better than Sang's.

          Hope this helps.

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            thank you so much, big help,will check some of those spots out...unfortunately we're stuck in aventura because we stay with someone who lives in williams island--and yes, the traffic is just awful. Used to go to shalom haifa years ago for falafel etc, and the service was so horrible and they were so nasty and the food kept getting worse we stopped going,--does this jerusalem deli have good falafel, and by good, I mean green inside not yellow..or worse yet, lebanese style..I 'm talking real israeli style bright green inside, I've yet to find it, like we have in ny with Taim--I know maoz opened in south beach--and i've tried that pita place at loehmans, awful, and the other one on west dixie, even worse--with all the israelis hanging around the waterways, can't believe there isn't a great place like Taim there--three palms sounds great, will check it out...are there any traditional spanish restaurants that are great there--i'm talking paella, shrimp with green sauce, sangria...spain...not cuba...also, we had gone to texas de brazil at gulfstream and thought the meats were so salty but the salad bar was nice---but it's pricey..ok, though with a group....had tried couple other spots at gulfstream and they were just awful, the italian place, and there was a mexican place I think...what about the hollywood area, anything superb there?

            1. re: janie

              I lived in Hollywood for 25 years and now live in Aventura. The restaurant scene is dismal in Hollywood. But there are kosher restaurants there if that is what you are looking for. Sara's is a dairy restaurant on the corner of N. 46th Ave. and Stirling Road is not too bad. There are also some newer kosher places in Surfside on Harding Ave. but I have not eaten at any of them. Gulfstream is another dining nightmare. I never go there unless friends insist.

              For real Spanish food try Xixon in Miami. http://www.xixoncafe.com. Food from Asturia, a small market and beautiful wine room. Very good tapas and wines. Casa Juancho on Calle Ocho is a large and busy Spanish restaurant with all the usual menu suspects. Live
              entertainment and lots of locals. Miami has very good Peruvian and Argentinian food. There is La Estancia on Biscayne and 178th St. that has excellent empanadas. Rendez Vous Bakery in the Office Depot shopping center across Biscayne at 178th is a French bakery/cafe. AYCE mussels on Monday night are good. Mixtura in North Beach has high end Peruvian cuisine. http://www.mixturarestaurant.com/en/i...

              Hope this helps.

          2. Just thought of two Turkish spots in Hollywood. A La Turca in downtown Hollywood. https://alaturcahollywoodfl.com.
            Istanbul on Hollywood beach. Not a fancy place but you sit outside with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Better menu at A La Turca but the ambience is great at Istanbul. Small and family run.

            1. All close to William's Island and recommended

              Kings County Pizza
              Etzel Itzik
              Lutong Pinoy
              Burger Fi

              Great tacos, pozole and tortas at Chapultepec in Hallandale.
              Petit Rouge in North Miami is worth a visit.
              Makoto Bal Harbour
              J&G Grill Bal Harbour

              BBQ Roast Pork at King Palace BBQ is great.
              Crispy garlic duck at Rice Asian (Sunny Isles)
              bagles at sage (Hallandale)

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              1. re: The Chowfather

                thank you for the suggestions...does kings county do slices, sometimes that might work for my son..otherwise, we will probably head to anthony's...--went to etzel itzik last trip, and did not like it at all, the falafel had terrible flavor, dried out and yellow inside...I think taim in nyc makes the best, as good as falafel in Israel, so that's my comparison, have not had super fresh green falafel ever in Miami, tried a few places, keens, pita place lohmens, pita place in sobe, but none could even come close...I think you have moaz now down there, which is sometimes passable, but nowhere near Taim..I don't care for philipino food--Never went to burgerfi in ny, but I'm a shack shack loyalist, how does it compare? location seems great, will definitely check it out, my son is a burger nut!, --could you explain to me which strip mall this is in, as I confuse them all!! ,....Makoto sounds good, as we are not sushi eaters but will eat cooked japanese, and my bff loves sushi--how is their skirt steak, is the portion tiny? --Is anything else good at Rice Asian? We don't eat duck or pork (sorry!)..how is la barra which looks to be in same area for argentian, looks inexpensive..good for lunch?
                --last time was at sage, it was too unsanitary couldn't do it,---prefer breakfast places for pancakes and waffles..was going to try Josh's, and we go to the original pancake place near whole foods/target plaza in aventura...any other good places for breakfast? tried that place at aventura mall and it was awful, name is escaping me, it's a cheesecake factory type place...--the turkish place on harrison sounds good, will definitely check it out...thank you, keep em coming..we're supposed to go in a week or so.

                1. re: janie

                  Kings County does slices as well. I also recommend their sicilian and grandma pies. Chicken parm is very good and so is their baked ziti.

                  I would give Itzik's another shot.

                  Makoto is excellent for sushi or non sushi items plus they have outside seating.

                  Burger Fi is a blatant copy of Shake Shack but a good one. Some prefer it. Burgers, fries and dogs are all fresh and great.

                  On Hollywood Broadwalk Nick's is a dive but serves great NE Fried Clam Bellies.

                  Sage is a to go bagel spot for me. Understand the dining in complaints.

              2. I just had the cilantro ceviche @ Rizio's Federal H'way and 159th It is a legitimate contender. The Tacu Tacu was pretty good too!

                1. If you want a burger place, try Bulldog BBQ at 15400 Biscayne Blvd., about a 15 minute drive south of Williams Island. Burger Fi is a bad knock off of Shake Shack. Bulldog does a very good burger with multiple topping and bun choices including "Luther" with a Krispy Kreme inspired bun. Great burnt end beans also. Across Lehman Causeway, I like Miami Juice for good salads. It is always crowded and closed on Sundays. I much prefer Bagel Cove for bagels to Sage. Excellent bialys also.

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                  1. re: rebus1805

                    I don't really do bagels, so not a concern for me, thought bulldog was not any good, had read not so good things about it here I think awhile ago..do they use non antibiotic meat there? We eat at Miami juice a lot, like their veggies and tuna and other stuff...thanks

                    1. re: rebus1805

                      The bagels at Bagel Cove are good but not better than Sage.

                      Bulldog Burgers are a topping nightmare. Burger Fi is all about the beef and very good.

                      1. re: The Chowfather

                        the beef is what matters to me, thanks

                    2. The best falafel, green inside, that we have had is at Kabobjii on 163rd St in an RK shopping Plaza. They also have great salads, chicken etc. Their pita bread is made to order in an open wood burning oven.

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                        are they lebanese or egyptian there? I just looked at menu, they put fava beans in their falafel, I am allergic and it's very dangerous for me to eat them--in fact, I can only eat Israeli style falafel because of that, because a lot of middle eastern versions have falafel have fava beans in them--http://lh5.ggpht.com/_Dwex9AQ8IuA/TBK... this is falafel that's green, that's the inside of a taim green and inside of a roasted pepper...

                        that my friends is falafel, that's the mixed falafel balls...http://s3-media1.ak.yelpcdn.com/bphot...

                        if only taim could be like shake shack and expand, but alas just 2 locations...http://www.taimfalafel.com/menu

                        what amazes me is with all the israelis down there why isn't there taim quality falafel? everything I've had there is run of the mill, nothing spectacular at all---http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2010/0...

                        sorry, I don'r mean to slight you'll, and I am a Miami bred girl, but NYC rules on the pizza and falafel front.

                      2. We tried a new place
                        (PF Changs fast eats diner
                        )and we all enjoyed it


                        18801 Biscayne Blvd., Suite B
                        Miami FL, 33180
                        (305) 935-2230

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                            Ill admit I am not a fan of franchises it doesn't mean I won't frequent one esp on the road but as a rule they do not highlight local fresh ingredients and appeal to an un sophisticated palate.
                            That being said even among fans of particular chains that particular pei Wei has a very bad reputation even among people who like Pei Wei. That location Panera bread in Hallandale and Las vegas in Hallandale are all the bane of the franchises reputations.

                            All that being said the stars could have lined up and you received a miracle a good meal in a bad restaurant. It is also possible to get a bad meal in a good restaurant. BUT NOIT THAT PEI WEI! i HAVE BEEN TO ONE ALL THE WAY out by red road and it was edible.

                            1. re: Bigstu99

                              We ate at the Ft Lauderdale location but i doubt that should make much of a difference for a chain.
                              Anyway i think we have given this chain enough free advertising for this month.
                              You don't have to be a major risk taker to try a meal there.
                              Its fresh simple food type of place to grab a meal not go for a special occasion.

                          2. Sorry but I will never again set foot in Kabobjii . Eating lunch one day the pita baker drops a pita on the floor and throws it back in the oven . I go and say something to the owner who does not stop his conversation with whoever and says I'll go talk to him. He never gets off the phone and the pita gets served! YUK!!!!

                            To the person who recommended Pei Wei all I can say is REALLY! Dishwater as soup no flavor to the food and terrible service!

                            1. Mina's Mediterranean at 749 NE 79th St. in Miami has a very delicious and spicy Moroccan pizza with merguez, harrisa, tomato, grilled onion and mint and very good besara dip (you'll never eat hummus again). Redone old warehouse in Little River. Mina is a delightful host and her mother is in the kitchen.

                              1. On a recent visit, we had a very good meal at La Coquette in Hollywood. I can recommend the scallops dish.


                                1. Before you recommend a place please eat at the location you actually recommended! You start off with you found this great new place in Aventura. This place was not new, and Franchises are not all the same!!! Please go to this location and then try recommending it. It still won't go over on the bouad but at least it will be an honest review (at least for you ) of the location!

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                                  1. re: Bigstu99

                                    well, this conversation has taken a down turn, actually, we ate at the pei wei in aventura last trip jan 2013, and it had recently opened --so, no it is not new at this point. My son wanted some lomein so we went there actually 2x, the first time, it was actually very fresh and very good, we were surprised--but then again, my husband was in conversation with the owner, etc, and I was grilling them on the freshness of their ingredients, and he said, they were on top of it..so, first trip everything we got was good, in a pf chang sort of way--sweet, etc...but for what it was it was actually fine for a cheap quick bite--however, the 2nd trip when we were not in conversation with owner, was a bit harrowing, as there was something in my food, which I wasn't even quite sure what it was, but it looked like the plastic top to something..anyway, I had a minor freakout--and showed them, and they gave me a free dish, for future, so I actually still have that free card in my wallet! But, I did read very scathing reviews on yelp, and elsewhere about how filthy it was now, and how the food was pretty vile---the pf chang here in ny in long island is vile too--and not cheap!! I've been to the pf chang the parent co for pei wei in north miami beach, place is always a zoo, and it can actually be good sometimes, and awful other times...but, --I don't really care for chains unless they happen to be good like chick fil a, or shake shack--or anthonys coal oven --even cheesecake factory can be passable for some things---but in general, no, I am looking for well run, clean, reasonable, delcious food made with care, and served with care--if a chain can get all that right, that's cool..but I would be weary to go to that pei wei considering everything I've read since my visit there and foreign object-----checked out mina's menu, love look of place, but it's egypitan which = fava beans, which I mentioned above is a no no for me---

                                  2. quick check in--dinner at joe's last night, stone crabs were great, sweet and not sticking to shells at all--yea!! BUT, spinach ice cold, and potatoes cold--ughhh...shrimp with garlic sauce good, but also not hot--salmon delicious, and piping hot, whew..filet mignon, good--and hot---key lime pie, it's a tad too sweet for my tastes..--salad, nothing much--iceberg lettuce doesn't exactly wow me--after dinner, went to check out joe's take away, man the place was hopping...seriously, same exact food it seems, without the wait (although we didn't wait at all, have a connection there)--EXCELLENT gelato across the street at gelateria 4d, excellent vanilla, strawberry and stratecialla...--hiro sushi for takeout in sunny isles, not the same owner as yakko san, owner for yakko san owns the sushi place in their old location on west Dixie, it's confusing I know because they both use HIro in name---anyway, Hiro sunnyisles fresh and delicious veg sushi and VERY CLEAN--very nice to make sep for me because I can't eat raw fish, miso soup, wonderful, hit the spot---will go back and try some other things--super nice there too!!! --Yakko San, tonight, FANTASTIC..everything SUPER FRESH..fried bok choy, my friend got several sashimi things she likes and she said they were superbly fresh--they looked rather elegant too...ginger chicken, chicken katsu (my son gobbled it up so quick I grabbed a piece quick before it vanished!), soba noodles with shrimp, excellent, shrimp from west coast California--radish salad, lovely and simple, banana tempura dessert out of this world,--everything was fresh, and we were satisfied without being uncomfortably full...gotta go back again before I leave!! I asked where the scallops were from no one seemed to know, so I doubt they are maine scallops, I was debating between the scallops at joe's which are from maine--the shrimp at joes is from Thailand, they do not serve gulf shrimp FYI--(gulf seafood in the shrimping areas is poison, sorry to say since the spill) or salmon, and was trying to baby my stomach, which has been a bit on the blitz, and got salmon which was wonderful, however I was curious about those scallops at joe's...so, was hankering for some scallops...since they couldn't tell me where they are from, and I definitely don't want them if they are from the gulf,,didn't get them...--has anyone had the dish with scallops at Yakko san?? ---stopped by Taco rico on alton, food was absolutely vile, stay away from that dump--there is a little Mexican place next to pollo tropical on Collins and 170th, looked cute, is it any good?? husband went to sangs with his friend, said it was fantastic --clams black bean sauce, salt/pep squid, and shrimp lomein..he loves that place!...trying to think of cool great place to go on Saturday night with my friends...anywhere would work..she is in bal harbor, another south beach us Aventura, but we will travel anywhere...looking for a place to hang out and talk a bit after we eat...anything fit the bill, that's upscale but not crazy expensive--and eclectic with good seafood but also something a kid would eat too??? thanks for the help....

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                                    1. re: janie

                                      "I was curious about those scallops at Joe's... Since they couldn't tell me where they are from, and I definitely don't want them if they are from the gulf, I didn't get them"

                                      I won't address the issue of Gulf seafood safety... I think there may be some questions about a lot of the claims going around...

                                      However, I can say that if they are offering sea scallops (large), they are NOT from the Gulf. Sea scallops are cold water shellfish:


                                      Bay scallops (small) on the other hand are indeed harvested in some gulf areas.

                                      BTW Maine scallops are very expensive this year... supply is down both naturally and artificially (due to increased closed seasons and areas):


                                      (I also like how this article debunks the now ever-present "diver scallop" nomenclature).

                                      PS: Janie thanks for your reports.

                                      But I bet a lot more folks would read them if you added in some line and paragraph breaks here and there.

                                      It's hard to read such dense text. Thanks again.

                                      1. re: CFByrne

                                        i'm sorry, I'm not on my computer was using a tablet that's impossible...can understand the frustration, apologize!!!

                                        I've read extensively and know fisherman in that area, who won't eat it anymore, for myself, health reasons, must be careful of toxicity like that..but, they did say for a fact the scallops which are sea at joe's were from maine, they were $30, and I bet they only give you 5 of them--at yakko san, he did say they were the small ones, and they are brought to them unlabeled, so perhaps you are right and they are gulf.

                                        ---headed to captain jim's on sat night, looking forward to trying key west shrimp, what are they like? and heard the fish is very fresh there, my friend goes there a lot...what else is good there?? --and thought we would head to the Turkish place on Harrison for dinner tonight...thanks all!! now if we could just get it a bit warmer, but what am I complaining about, it's 1' back home in nyc!

                                      2. re: janie

                                        Yakko-San has been great recently. Not that it was ever bad.

                                        I went to that Mexican place once and it was ok. Not bad but not very good either. On the expensive side too. I;m not going back. It's called D'Tako Market.

                                        Sat Night Question-(price/location factored in)
                                        Mandolin, Macchialina,Black Brick, Michy's, Lucali, Michael's Genuine, Pubbelly, Oak Tavern, Nemesis, Salumeria 104 and Timo.

                                        1. re: The Chowfather

                                          thank you, was looking for inexpensive, casual, and in the Aventura vicinity.

                                          ..Breakfast this morning at Jet Runway Café in ft Lauderdale was exceptional, I was really surprised, this place is terrific---delicious French toast with almonds, perfect blueberry pancakes, banana bread pudding, applewood bacon, omelet--good quality ingredients, someone knows what they are doing there...wonder why they don't stay open for dinner..or later in day...anyway, this is perfect for a meetup between Aventura and boca raton.

                                          1. re: The Chowfather

                                            have you ever had shrimp curry at yakko san? how is it prepared?

                                            --my son wasn't feeling well (said hewould only eat epicure's plain tuna, so got that for him--he said I was the "best mom ever"...
                                            so, sent my husb and father in law to a la turca in hollywood

                                            ...don't laugh but when they get back I might head over to yakko san again!! It's just so fresh and quick over there, and the food comes steaming hot which I appreciate...and they are open late, which is such a rarity in this area! my husband went back to capta jim's today to get fried calamari he said it was great...a real gem that place, and they said they have a special now on stone crabs because they are plentiful, I thought that the season was a bust again, if i lived here, would definitely buy stone crabs from them, their prices were good, and the people there are just super nice

                                            1. re: janie

                                              I've never had the shrimp curry at Yakko-San (and I have made it a personal mission to try everything on the menu, so thanks for that reminder) - but I suspect it is like the katsu curry, made in a thick sauce using a (typically fairly mild) Japanese curry mix.

                                              For me, the shrimp dish to get there is the shrimp chili sauce, which are fried (but not heavily battered) and then coated in a sticky red chili sauce, served over crispy noodles.

                                        2. quick follow up report, back home in cold nyc brrr...
                                          -latino barrio in waterways, usually great, but this time, chicken was overcooked and cold (my pet peeve in restaurants is food temp, cold food should be cold and hot food better be hot!), 2 steaks tough as nails--bananas and rice not hot either...dissapointment to usually a very dependable meal

                                          -miami juice, consistent, fast, and fresh, love this place--best tuna, too! looking for healthy, head there

                                          -epicure takeout, tuna and rolls, rolls were stale! this was on a sunday, and tuna is expensive there $12 a lb, and my son loves it because it's plain, but the other prepared foods looked pretty disgusting, not fresh, and not appetizing at all, what's happened to that place???

                                          -Hiro's in sunny isles, --the sushi japanese place that is not associated with Yakko san, in the next plaza over--got sushi there 2x, vegetable, cannot be near raw fish, have health reasons, and guy was very very kind to wash his hands clean off counter and put new gloves on and very careful, and it was excellent and very fresh--very very nice and accomodating there...appreciated it ALOT

                                          -Yakko San, went 3x, first 2 were great, last visit, noodle dish i ordered which i got previously did not come out right at all, complained and they very kindly replaced it and made it correctly--some highlights, squid in spicy sauce, yakisoba with shrimp, sashimi my friend got she loved with hot pepper I think, fried bok choy, oh man, I'm gonna dream of that!, banana tempura dessert, chicken katsu, spaghetti bolognese (FANTASTIC), eggplant fried, beware, it has bonita flakes which freaked my son out, they were moving and he thought they were alien worms!! service excellent special shoutout to our 2x waiter wowee open to 3:30am every night, wowee is right!

                                          -Captain Jim's, this place is a gem, I'd eat here everyday if I lived there!! freshest snapper ever, freshest and beautiful looking stone crabs, got selects, grouper special, shrimp scampi, plantains are even great! and super nice people there!! it's dumpy atmosphere, but food is served clean, fresh and delicious, with plastic utensils\--oh, and guess what their key lime pie, BETTER than Joe's!!

                                          -A La Turca in Hollywood, I didn't go because my son was feeling ill, but my husb and his father went, they said it was a lovely place, good service, served beautiful,,good portions and tasty, falafel platter and doner kebab--so, reliable spot

                                          -original pancake house in aventura, gotta tell you, it was excellent!! pancakes, waffles, omelets...etc...

                                          -anthony's coal over pizza, everything great as usual, we have them now in ny in long island, too!

                                          -joes stone crabs, snapper not nearly as good as capt jims and 3x more expensive lol, salmon with brown sugar shallots though was excellent, and big portion, however, the spinach and lyonnaise potatoes were cold, this is unacceptable, and it happened last trip down also...key lime pie too sweet and crust too hard and crumbly--stone crabs better this year than last not sicking to shell--service use to be more professional there, lacking care where there should be more given the prices--the takeout shop though was cool, think i'd rather eat there!

                                          -jet runway cafe at executive airport ft lauderdale great place to meet up someone between aventura and boca, food was not your average pancake house at all, prepared with total care and excellent ingredients, fabulous almond french toast, omelet, applewood bacon, blueberry pancakes, potatoes..all good, location fantastic you can see runway from windows and see small planes land and takeoff, great for kids! bathroom spotless, too! only open till 2pm, lunch starts at 11am, so for breakfast get there before 11am...can't understand why they don't do dinner there, seems like a great little spot....

                                          --btw, the whole foods in aventura is just awful, prepared foods so unappetizing looking, and such nasty people working there, my goodness..the whole foods in nyc are so much better...

                                          -missed going to josh's deli, not really around there during their limited hours of operation...and some other spots wanted to try, next time...thanks for the help! hope this info will be useful for someone...

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                                          1. re: janie

                                            You are correct regarding Aventura Whole Food prepared food. Awful stuff. And you didn't miss much from Josh's. Just OK and not Hound Worthy.

                                            1. re: The Chowfather

                                              The Whole Foods in North Miami (Biscayne near 125th) seems to be better kept than the Aventura one.

                                              Couldn't disagree more on the latter point. Josh's Deli makes everything in house, from the cured fish to the pastrami & corned beef to the mustard. The smoked salmon is excellent, and I like his pastrami too (much more so than the same packaged stuff you'll find at every other Jewish deli). The corned beef I find better in the hash than on its own. He just recently started doing dinner a few nights a week with a menu that sort of uses traditional deli dishes and ingredients as a jumping off point - I particularly liked the pastrami tartare and the sauteed "chopped" liver on rye toast.

                                              1. re: Frodnesor

                                                I could not agree more, I have stopped shopping in the Aventura Whole Foods. The North Miami store is so much cleaner.

                                                1. re: dlgc809

                                                  forgot to mention ran into burger fi to just grab a vanilla milkshake for my son and I gotta tell it was vile we both took some sips and then walked and dumped it into garbage..they made it with half and half and thats exactly what it tasted like chemical half half, nothing at all like shake shack it turned US off completely as we go to shake shack all the time in NYC

                                          2. -jimmy z's wynwood, very good greek salad, grilled chicken just ok, coconut flan not as good as I remembered, jerk chicken salad, also, ok--good spot for lunch--very very nice service there, too...

                                            -was goign to go to sakaya kitchen at the mall area in wynwood, but i was vetoed--very ecletic menu although when asked where their shrimp come from, no idea was answer they said they get their food from cisco....ugghhh, doesn't sound very artisan to me...

                                            1. Pita Plus in Hollywoood (Stirling Rd.) has great falafel -
                                              green inside with lots of free add-ons
                                              I don't like the one in Adventura