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Dec 20, 2013 07:26 PM

Bunny Chow?

Is Bunny Chow available in Manhattan?

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  1. Do you mean Purina Rabbit Chow?

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      1. re: Ttrockwood


        But unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, it's no longer on the menu.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          shoot. there was actually a restaurant called bunny chow on the LES a few years back that did a serviceable version of the dish.

          perhaps at xai xai in the west 50s? they're south African folks, so there's a chance.

          1. re: debinqueens


            Thank you so much. Xai Xai it is.

          2. re: ipsedixit

            Hmmm. Maybe you could sweet-talk them into making you a special "off the menu" one....?