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what is one of the best thai restaurants in los angeles?

Any suggestions for the best thai restaurants in los angeles?

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    1. You might get more responses by posting your question on the Los Angeles board.

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        1. Palm Thai
          Great food. Thai Elvis.
          One of the best.

          1. What type of Thai? Jitlada - as many have already opined in the past for Southern Thai that is hard to find anywhere else in the US. Night + Market for more street food inspired Thai. Ruen Pair is also a good choice.

            1. I just had a great meal at Spicy BBQ at the corner of Santa Monica and Normandie. Family-owned/operated, cash only, ATM on-premises. Specializes in Northern Thai. Recommend the spicy jackfruit and chicken khao soi ("egg noodle" on menu). I've had other things from the Northern section of the menu, but those two I return to again and again. Egg rolls are also pretty good--they're large and come 6 to an order.

              Ruen Pair is another favorite of mine. Hollywood Blvd and Hobart. Cash only, ATM on-premises. Recommend the rahd nah, crispy fish salad, crabmeat fried rice, Chinese broccoli with crispy pork, papaya salad, beef larb and pad kee mao.

              1. If you like noodles, I'd recommend Pa Ord Noodle, on Sunset at Hobart.

                As is the case with many of the recommendations in this thread, cash-only at around $10-$12 per head.

                1. Had a magnificent meal at Si Laa last night - every flavor alive, truly wonderful meal. Limited menu, all typical fan favorites - incredibly good and fresh.


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                    I'm sure many of you have tried Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas
                    (one of the best meals ever)

                    Would anyone name LA places that are in on that food level?


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                        Yeah, just left there with nephew & wife - good as ever.
                        Scallops & eggplant special, watercress, and Panang Curry.
                        She is about 7 months along, and thus spicy food was not an option, even though she would want to eat it under other circumstances, as the Taiwanese typically do.
                        Bill about $80 for 3, which included a mango sticky rice dessert.
                        Place was packed by 6:30, nearly full at 6pm.
                        Remember, closed on Mondays!

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                        Renu Nakorn in Norwalk has essentially the same menu.

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                          what 'level' might that be?

                          i took a Thai home cook (which Thai granny isn't tho, really) to LoS a couple of months back and she laughed at every dish she had. literally, mocked.

                          the question is really: which Thai restaurant in an LA burb with Thai diaspora isn't better than LoS.

                            1. re: Michelle

                              Respectfully disagree with Renu Nakorn. It was unusually good 15 years ago but now it is usually average.

                        2. Actually there are many good Thai restaurants in Los Angeles.

                          When I worked in Aerospace years ago, we used THAI THANI in the South Bay as a business-meeting restaurant. The food was always good, the various curries outstanding, and the Seafood Tom Kha consistently excellent.

                          My wife and I returned to LA to visit our son this November. We went shopping in Torrance, and as the night was getting cold and wet, I decided to see if the restaurant was still there nearby.

                          It was, we decided to have an early dinner, and amazingly, 2 owners later, the same waiter (Sal) was still there after 23+ years. The service remains friendly, never hurried, family oriented, and the menu is much the same as it was years ago. I don't ever recall having to make reservations here, for lunch or dinner.

                          Only change for the better as it seems the amount of shrimp per serving is much larger than it was previously.

                          Thai Thani Restaurant

                          1109 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA ‎

                          (310) 316-1580 ‎ · thaithanionline.com