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Dec 20, 2013 06:07 PM

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion at Harbor East - Baltimore

I never see this place mentioned on here. We went I'm thinking close to ten years ago or so....had a family member keeping a boat close by, and I remember having a great time and some delicious spicy seared Ahi it's been awhile, and I'm sure there were lots of cocktails my memory may be it worth checking out again?

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  1. This restaurant is part of a chain, a word that mostly invokes bottomless scorn on any board other than the Chain board itself. I won't deal with the merits of that point of view in the case of Roy's, but I'll say that my husband and I have always managed to have a perfectly enjoyable meal in CA, MD, and FL branches. Nothing ground breaking. Nothing that ever came out of the kitchen of a Hawaiian grandma. But an enjoyable meal regardless. The service is always attentive. Taken as a total experience -- food, service, and cocktails -- you could do a lot worse than eating at Roy's.

    We prefer their appetizers and sushi/sashimi over their entrees and we've eaten some delicious small plate meals. One of our favorites is the spicy seared Ahi Tuna of memory.

    1. I would second Indy's comments. My colleagues and I have eaten at the Roy's in Orlando for the past three years during a conference. I find the food to be quite flavorful. I too am a fan of the spicy ahi tuna and also like to make a meal out of the small plates.