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Dec 20, 2013 04:33 PM

What brand (bottled/boxed) sangria is most popular in Spain?

Every year I read about festivals, etc. in Spain and I see the ground littered with little boxes that look like juice boxes, which are single-serve sangria in boxes. I Googled and searched here, to no avail. So please tell me if you know, what is the "Budweiser" of sangria in Spain? Mainly curious, not trying to become a boxed-wine expert!
And I am aware that sangria is something most Chowhounds make themselves, just as I would if I wanted good sangria.

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  1. I wouldn't buy it. The bottled stuff just doesn't taste good. Because of preservatives?

    1. My guess is that it's nothing that's advertised on a regular basis -- it's likely cheap, store-brand gutter plonk.

      1. I would post the question on the Spain/Portugal area as you may get a response from someone who has actually drunk the stuff as opposed to those with just opinions.

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          wouldn't drinking sangria from a juice box spell automatic excommunications from Chowdom?

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            Thanks for all responses =)

            sunshine: Yes, but I've been thrown outta nicer places than this, as they say (haha)!

            bud, yes I waffled a bit between where to post this but I knew I'd get soooo many more viewpoints here. And will continue to receive, no doubt.

            I'm sure it's nothing special, mainly just curious. I'll buy a box and drive to the cow pasture up the road and drink it in the barn and I'll know exactly what Pamplona smells like!

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              Hey I am surprised I haven't been booted outta here yet!

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                While I haven't bought the sangria, we set out to find the cheapest drinkable wine we could find (just for fun) in France...

                ...the rule was that it had to be in an actual glass bottle -- not even a tetrapack like a juice box.

                We found one for €1.29 -- and it was as absolutely vile as you'd guess it would be.

                That kept us from going back and trying anything cheaper in a tetrapack.