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Dec 20, 2013 04:17 PM

Source for smoked salmon?

Now that Fox and Obel has closed, I've lost my best source for Smoked Salmon. They had whole sides and cut to order, albeit not always well. Everyone else seems to only carry pre-packaged salmon. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.

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  1. For my money nothing beats Costco. Truly. Goddess and Grocer is a close second.

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    1. re: ferret

      Do they have whole sides? And what brand(s)? Costco in NY where we used to live had Ducktrap which my husband doesn't like.

      1. re: andrea thurm

        If you are interested in house-smoked and not just packaged goods, my first choice would be Calumet Fisheries. If that's too much of a trek for you, the Whole Foods at Kingsbury has a relatively new and very impressive case of smoked fish and seafood goodies.

        Calumet Fisheries
        3259 E. 95th Street
        Chicago, IL 60617

        Whole Foods--Lincoln Park
        1550 N Kingsbury St
        Chicago, IL 60642

        1. re: GourmetWednesday

          Whole Foods I know well - and they only have packaged salmon. As to Calumet - I thought they only hot smoke - do they cold smoke too?

          1. re: andrea thurm

            Have you been to the Lincoln Park Whole Foods on Kingsbury lately? I don't have a photo, but a few months ago they introduced an entire case of smoked goods; I assure you, there is more than packaged salmon there.

            As for Calumet, per their website:
            "We use natural wood in the smokehouse, not liquid smoke or other industrial substitutes....We marinate the fish in brine overnight, then use only special oak logs to stoke our fire. We carefully tend the fish for hours... all to bring out its naturally delicious flavors."

            They have "Salmon" at $15.59/lb and "Salmon (Pepper & Garlic)" at $15.89 on the online menu.

        2. re: andrea thurm

          Costco's is packaged for them. They're partial sides in a 2-pack. About a pound each.

      2. This doesn't answer your question but it's peripheral. Treasure Island sells the side trimmings of smoked salmon at an attractive price, done up in little plastic boxes. Perfectly fine if you're going to make a spread that chops, blends, or purees the salmon anyway.

        1. I see that someone mentioned Calumet Fisheries, which I agree is quite a trek. A similar alternative closer in the city is Hagen's Fish Market. Dirk's Fish is another option.

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          1. re: windyfoodie

            Hagen's use hot smoking, which OP objected to above while not mentioning this very limiting requirement at the start.

            1. re: Eldon Kreider

              Sorry. When I mentioned "whole sides" I assumed cold smoking was understood.

          2. How about Hagan's?
            I admit, I haven't been. Just heard good things. It appears you can also bring in your own fish to smoke. They sell sides by the pound. I do not know if it is hot or cold smoked.


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            1. re: moreace01

              Already addressed above. It's hot smoked; not what the OP asked about. Hot smoked is cooked fsalmon that flakes easily and has a dense smoky taste. Cold smoked is like lox or salmon sashimi in texture - nearly raw and slightly translucent with a more delicate smoke.

            2. Dirk's, on Clybourn, has cold-smoked sliced-to-order salmon. I just called them about it because I was looking, too.

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