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Dec 20, 2013 04:12 PM

Ridiculously small appliances.

Note the 1-slice toaster and the vertical toaster oven:

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  1. Cool idea for limited space, especially for singles

    1. My Black and Decker Handy Little Chopper probably has done more revolutions than my automobile engine and South America, combined.

      1. My mother's favorite appliance back in the '80s was her vertical toaster.

        1. I have a vertical toaster oven from Sanyo and they seem to have discontinued making them. I am keeping my eye on ebay, but they are selling for about twice what the new ones originally sold for.

          Takes up very little counter space in my small kitchen. Gets used pretty much every day.

          1. Hi, ferret:

            My "favorites" are the Fry Baby and Kitchen Selectives 0.65Q slow cooker. I still have both.

            The only use I can find for the FB is to melt wax in which to dip the necks of my large-format bottles in the winery; it certainly won't fry a single portion for one adult human. The Lilliputian slow cooker just an absurd curiosity that I have used precisely twice, for heated dips.