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looking for a great burger near somerville?

any sugestions. not too pricey please.

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  1. 25 burgers down rt 28 in bound brook is pretty good. About $12 or so for burger, fries, and a soda.

    1. we have been there. to be more specific, it is a night out with the wife.

      1. is 15 miles too far? I have not been, but both places are on my list to try.



        I think there's a Stage House in Somerville too.

          1. Fifteen is a tad too far. Have been to stage house that is in Hillsborough, great outdoor patio, with an awesome pay what you want bbq menu. fuds is good but maybe a bit too casual.

            1. Sophie's Bistro in Somerset has an awesome burger for about $13 with all the trimmings. Add a great French Bistro atmosphere and you've got a great night out!

              1. Not sure there is anywhere within 15 miles of Somerville that produces a 'great' burger with any regularity. Five Guys in Hillsborough and 25 Burgers in Bound Brook are OK but hardly special and barely destinations my wife would be excited to visit. Smokehouse BBQ in downtown Somerville has a respectable version that you might enjoy but hardly 'great'.

                If you are willing to travel a bit further, Stage Left in New Brunswick makes an excellent upscale bar burger while Krug's Tavern in Newark makes an exceptional bar smash burger.

                If willing to make your own great burger, grill or griddled go to Hind and Fore meat market in Bridgewater and spring for a pound of their 'special' burger blend ground beef made from an assortment of prime beef trimmings that has the flavor that supermarket beef lacks and enough fat to stand up to the heat of your grill.

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                1. Used to go to school in Somerset, and I get around that entire area once and a while to meet friends -- good central location for everyone.

                  Anyway, I haven't hit any of the "burger joints" nearby, but I've always liked some of the ones mentioned -- Stage Left, GrilleStone, Stage House, and I'll add Sophie's to my list.


                  1. 55 Main in Flemington Great lunch excellent Burger !!!!!

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                      I've been to 55 Main for dinner but never for lunch. Sounds like I need to fix that!

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                        I actually don't like 55 Main for dinner. However, I think their lunch is great!

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                          I agree 100%. Lunch at 55 Main is great and a great value too.