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Dec 20, 2013 03:03 PM

Bellingham: Mi Casa needs our support!

I notice that Mi Casa is asking for more business again on their Facebook. it would be sad to lose another good restaurant in our town. Great food, great people. Please support them, if you can!!

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  1. Oy vey, their website needs some work. Kids eat free on Sundays, eh ? Good to know, and I won't ever be tempted to stop at some of those holes along Samish Way.

    What's the name of that Mexican deli/store near Bakerview that bears a woman's name (Maria ?) that serves good tacos ?

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      You mean La Gloria off the guide? They have Mexican food in the cafe next to the market. That is where I shop and go there sometimes for lunch.

      The problem with Mexican restaurants here in B'ham (or Skagit) is that there are taco trucks and La Gloria if you want more authentic, simple Mexican food (or just make it yourself, the ingredients are so easy to come by around

      If you want fun, comforting, American Mexican food, wow, pick a corner for great "beer and chimichanga" anywhere.

      We don't have a higher end Mexican place or a regional specialty place here. But, they are few and far between everywhere-including Seattle.

      1. re: sedimental

        Gloria, that's it ! Thanks Sedimental. Since we generally avoid milling around the Guide and Bellis Fair, I actually am not familiar with the eats there (other than the last time eating at that Indian place off of Kellogg & Cordata which I believe Laurachow mentioned is now called California Tacos).

        Vancouver is slooowly getting more authentic Mex (not Amer Mex/Tex Mex) foods, as witnessed in:

        Just to cite two examples.

        And when I want to check out Mex in Whatcom/Skagit I want to find the real deal as much as possible :-)

        1. re: LotusRapper

          Try LaGloria then! They have great tongue, very tender. If you are a home cook, you will find ingredients there that you can't find elsewhere.

          I cook so much "real-deal" Mexican at home, so I typically want to go out for a margarita and nacho platter! I don't make " bar food" or " junk food" at home...I go out for that :)

      2. re: LotusRapper

        Hadn't noticed the kids eat free thing. Don't think they'll feed my teenager for free. Yup, the website stinks, but the food is yummy. They have a Facebook, too. Owner's wife is from Morelia, I think. This is not the typical overly cheese-covered food with giant margaritas. Check it out! Good stuff. We can't do La Gloria, nothing worthwhile for veggies. Casa is worth a few extras bucks.