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Dec 20, 2013 01:13 PM

Looking to buy stock/broth - and other delicious soup ingredients!

My boyfriend has dreams of cooking soups all winter, but his kitchen is pretty bare. Now I have this dream of giving him a christmas present of a well-stocked kitchen (for making soup). Stock in the freezer, whole spices, other commonly used soup ingredients. Of course, in my dreams, I've spent this week filling jars with awesome stock, but I ran out of time. (Besides, somehow my stocks always end up a little bit strange and bitter.) Here are my questions:

Question 1: I'm looking to buy some delicious soup stock or broth (vegetable, chicken, beef, bone broth, etc.) in Montreal, to fill his freezer and fridge. Any advice? Maybe a vendor at Jean Talon who sells simple broths?

Question 2: Any other ideas for stocking a kitchen so that it's the ideal place to make soups? Any awesome soup appliances, gorgeous soup utensils, great herbs or ingredients, etc.? I'll be buying everything in Montreal in the next two days.

Finally: any great soup cookbooks out there?

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  1. There is a place in Jean-Talon that sells simple broths; it might be boucherie Prince-Noir.

    Do you have a slow cooker? Very useful for stocks and broths. You also need a fine sieve and perhaps some cheesecloth (you can wash that out and re-use it), to eliminate some of the particles broth contains - in particular if you are using a slow cooker, as you can't continually skim the surface for scum - do so at least a couple times, though.

    Visit the home cooking board here, and do a soup search - there will be lots of hits. You can of course also ask for help, but do a search first.

    1. A good stock pot is a great to have, and maybe a nice big Creuset pan? We make a lot of stock from scratch but it isn't usually bitter ... maybe try using less herbs rather than more? Usually an onion, some celery, carrot, maybe leek, does the job well. Arthur Quentin has great utensils for all things kitchen.

      Another thought - I used to make a lot of winter soups when I was getting organic farmer' baskets from Les Jardins du petit tremble in the winter. That could be great gift. It might be too late to subscribe but few baskets delivered now and then could be fun.

      Pinterest is good for soup recipes - not as festive as a good book though.

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        The Soup Bible is a wonderful Soup cookbook.

        Ideal place to stock up on all things Kitchen is Quincallerie Dante. They also are good for giving good advice as to what to buy to stock up a kitchen.

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          Is the author Debra Mayhew?

          Does she have a good recipe for tom yum soup?

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            yes and yes (though not called that in the book it is the recipe)

      2. Does he read French? If he does Caroline Dumas from Soupe Soupe has a cookbook.

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          Caroline Dumas' book is available in English from

        2. Thanks everyone, for your great advice!!