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Dec 20, 2013 11:15 AM

recommendations for dry red wine

I'd like to take the host of a holiday party a bottle of wine. She likes dry reds... any suggestions would be appreciated!
Thx in advance

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  1. Anything more specific? It's a bit like saying "the host likes food, what should I bring?" There are literally tens of thousands of possibilities. Do you know if she likes -- for example -- California reds, French reds, Italian reds? Do you know if she likes Cabernets, Zinfandels, Pinot Noirs?

    Does she like to cook any particular type of food -- say Italian, or vegetarian -- more often than others?

    And what are you comfortable in spending? You can find nice wines to fit any budget, but there is little point in suggesting, say, a wine that costs $100 if you only want to spend $15.

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      Ha! This really made me laugh:) I've never met her! She's a uppity banker on my fiancé side. I asked her in a FB message if I could bring anything and her reply was "I like dry red wine"? So where to go from here; I have no idea!

      1. re: parkerjaxmollymo

        Well, were I in your shoes, I'd go to your local wine merchant, give them a dollar figure that you are comfortable spending, and ask for a recommendation for "a dry red table wine that is drinkable now to give as a gift."

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            do you want to impress the lady and have the $$ for it ? if she knows anything about wine, it would actually be simpler to please her, but the folks with $$ tend to be prejudiced by prestige and reputation.

        1. The bad news is that "dry red wine" describes at least 25-40% of the bottles at an typical wine shop.

          The good news is that she would probably enjoy ANY nice example of such widely available varietals as merlot, cabernet, zinfandel, or shiraz, and most red varietals from Italy, Spain, Australia, or South America...

          So pick your price range and then ask the wine shop for what would be the best of the above type wines in their inventory at your price.

          If you ask her and find out what one of her favorite wines is, and/or if you know what type of food will be served at this party, then you could narrow it down much more.

          1. Just found out she likes pinot noir.... a step in the right direction. I'm comfortable spending b/w 20-50 bucks on someone I've never met. She will be family soon enough right??

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              Just a caution: Good pinot noir is not cheap, so I'd go to the high end of your scale. Or, I'd choose another varietal, since Pinot can be tricky to purchase.