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Dec 20, 2013 09:12 AM

where in ft worth/metro area to buy Fresh Turnips with Greens

Living here in The Great Southwest Tex-Mex Cuisine rules, finding Turnips with attached Greens nearly impossible if you can direct my
feet in the right direction it would be appreciated.

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  1. I've seen them at Grey's at the Farmer's Market in the summer along with mustards and collards. And you can usually find pretty good ones at Fiesta and Central Market, too. Sometimes they're attached and sometimes not.

    1. Since you feel strongly about this, I'd call Central Market & chat with them about it ... I'd think they should be able to fix you up. You could also check with Elizabeth Anna's and see what they can do for you.

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      1. I'd also try Green Grocer Dallas on Greenville Ave.

        1. Checkout the Cowtown Farmer's Market in Fort Worth.

          It's my favorite one in the whole DFW metroplex because it's a "producers only" meaning everything sold there must have been grown or made locally (150 miles of Fort Worth), making a true locals Farmer's Market which you won't find anywhere else in Dallas/Fort Worth.

          Other markets will buy boxed produce from mexico and sell that to consumers. The Dallas Farmer's Market is known very well for that. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers in December?? (The tomatoes weren't hot house, I saw the box that said "Produce of Mexico".)

          I've seen them there before many times, but vendors do come and go, and also change their crops year to year.

          They usually have a few different locations and times throughout the spring and Fall when the harvests are more plentiful, but go down to one day a week in our colder months.

          Besides produce they sell baked goods, bath products, beef, bread, chicken, cow's milk cheese, cut flowers,
          eggs, goat cheese, goat meat, honey, jams & jellies, pasta, pecans, pickles, plants, preserves, salsa, soap, skin care, and tamales. (Pork and Turkey coming soon!)

          Check em out, I promise you'll fall in love! Especially in their warm months when a lot more of vendors are present.

          They're open Saturdays 8am-Noon, rain or shine year-round, and multiple days during the warmer months.