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Dec 20, 2013 09:11 AM

Your Dining Wish for 2014

My culinary wish for the New Year: I'd love to see a few more daring restaurants open their doors in Providence in 2014. I think the popularity of places like North, Flan y Ajo, and Birch have proven that you don't have to take a predictable approach to be successful. And at this point, I would lump "hyper-local comfort food" into the category of "predictable"--that concept is certainly on-trend, but doesn't feel ahead of the curve.

I lived in another east-coast city (not NYC) for several years, and some of my favorite restaurants there were places that put a fresh, modern twist on traditional cuisine--specifically Italian, Mexican, and Indian. I really feel like this is a niche that's been woefully underexploited in Providence. When I want Indian, I go to Rasoi or Not Just Snacks (and maybe soon Rasa in EG), but I'd love a place that's a little more edgy, using the flavors and techniques of this venerable cuisine in a weird new way. Likewise, it's been a while since I've enjoyed dining on Federal Hill. I've aged out of the clubby vibe you get in many places, and I also have no interest in eating food that I could, more or less, make for myself.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that my New Year's wish is for the amazing chefs and bartenders of RI to keep taking risks and pushing the envelope. If they dare to cook it, I will dare to eat.

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  1. My wish is for a good Vietnamese restaurant to open in EG or North Kingstown. I would be there every week.

    1. German.
      I need a German restaurant less than 2 hours from home. Not some place that has a sausage or some other Germanic sounding dish. I want real beer. Real wurst. Real Franken wine. Properly served.
      I would probably die after a week, but why not go happy?

      I cannot believe that PVD needs anymore Italian restaurants, traditional, modern twists, deconstructed or whatever. Even the non Italian restaurants have 30% of their menus devoted to "Italian" style dishes.

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      1. re: tanker64

        Have you tried Redelfsens in Bristol RI? I went there in October and lo and behold Thursday nights were Oktoberfest nights. I had the wurst plate and weirnershintzel with good German beer. Their normal menu has many German options. Hope this helps.

        1. re: Holly_Penguin

          Many times. I used to work in Bristol and was very happy to find it. They don't do German except Sep-Oct. I do like the place year round.

        2. re: tanker64

          Looks like your wish may have been granted. Faust is now open in the Dean Hotel in Providence. Been looking forward to this one.

        3. My wish is for authentic ethnic cuisine without having to drive over the bridge. Just once, I'd like a new restaurant to open up and feature something other than clam chowder and baked haddock. Maybe some dim sum, or real Korean food. Doesn't seem to be asking for much. Not like I'm asking for Senegalese or anything exotic.

          1. My dining wish for 2014 is to somehow bring a lot of the regulars from the Southern New England board together for a dinner at a restaurant somewhere in our region. This would probably be difficult because this board is geographically large and, of course, we are all pretty opinionated so it might be difficult to agree on a restaurant. All that said, I think it would be fun to meet people whose opinions we have read for years....posters such as Cape Cod Guy, Kattyeyes, Bagelman, jdgall, Don Shirer, Berkshire Tsarina, Biscuit Boy, etc. of course everyone could bring their spouses, significant other or a relative. Anyone interested?

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            1. re: chowmensch

              Interested, Yes,
              BUT>>>>>>>>>>>CH doesn't let users use the boat=rds to arrange such a meetup. They kill the posts.

              One of my other boards spawned a separate FB group for that purpose.

              That said I did meet Veggo last summer at Pepe's (even though I am Sally's person) for lunch. Hope to meet Kattyeyes in the coming months. Tried to get to Shaogo's restaurant in Hartford a few weeks ago, but the judge ran long in Hartford Superior Court and I only got 20 minutes for lunch.

              I look forward to your efforts. You might want to pick a place time and date and announce your plant to dine there and see the comments.

              1. re: bagelman01

                Also up for it. Might try bagelman's scheme first?

              2. re: chowmensch

                We're elder statesmen (elder eaters????) and don't drive at night any more. But what a fabulous group this would be to lunch on dim sum at Amherst's new Oriental Flavor. We could take it over. (Magie's Mom and MJoyous too.)
                If I had my dining wish in 2014 --- it would be to have the Asian Food Market in Hadley miraculously resurrected from the ashes, so I could keep on cooking!

                1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                  I want that entire strip mall to reopen in Hadley! I eagerly await the resurrection of Mi Tierra.....crossing my fingers that it happens. I did buy 2 6-packs of their tamales (a holiday fundraiser) and they were delicious. I'm certainly no expert on tamales, but I can't wait to eat the second set.

              3. I wish for a transporter to get me to and from Priya's in Chicopee instantly.

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                1. re: faith

                  HA HA HA, is it that great and are you far from it? :)