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Need a gluten dairy free recipe for a rice dish.

I have been asked to bring a rice dish for a Christmas meal, but it needs to be gluten and dairy free. Can someone please help me with this one? Many thanks!

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      It's a casual get together, pulled pork, cheesy potatoes.

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        Nothing green? In that case I would make this rice and collards recipe( or any green), oil instead of vegan margarine. It is really good .

    2. Most rice dishes are gluten free (no reason to add wheat flour). The only exception I can think of is rice-a-roni. Most are dairy free. The exceptions being risotto (with added cheese) and rice pudding. But a rice pudding can also be made with coconut milk.

      1. Maybe a persian rice and tahdig with oil (no butter). My husband loves this. I use a recipe from the food of life.

        1. Green Rice is an old Chow favorite. Variations abound on the internet.

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            But not the original cilantro version as too many people dislike it ( I love it)

          2. I made a fantastic wild and white rice dish with dried cranberries, pecans and raisins. Can't find the exact recipe online, but there are several that look good.

            1. Do a rice pilaf, with sauteed onion or shallot, maybe a minced garlic clove, and then simmer in chicken broth. When it's cooked, fluff, and mix in some toasted slivered almonds and some chopped parsley. You can even add in some dried cranberries or apricots, or some crumbled feta, or other add-ins depending on what direction you want to take it.

              1. Does the rice have to be white rice? The cheesy potatoes and the white rice dishes I can recall would seem quite similar, but I realize your hands are somewhat tied by your instructions. What about a wild rice recipe?

                Even if you don't use wild rice, I'd simmer the rice in chicken stock. When the rice is fully cooked, I'd add diced vegetables that you've sauteed separately. (I typically use onion, carrots, zucchini, and red peppers.) Finally, add fruit (cranberries? currants? snipped dried apricots) and nuts to provide variety.

                Must you make this recipe in advance and bring it prepared to the meal? If so, I'd cook vegetables like zucchini and red peppers minimally so they'll still have some crunch by the time the dish is served. The onions can be slow cooked and added early with no problem.

                And one last thought...

                Does the rice recipe have to be the whole dish? What about taking a winter squash and filling it with a rice mixture?