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Dec 20, 2013 08:13 AM

Christmas Specials/Set Dinners at GTA Restaurants throughout the week (besides 24-25)?

I used to enjoy these special dinners at the Swiss Chalet when I was a kid. It was something I looked forward to every year. Now that I am grown up, I still long for this nostalgic feeling but at higher end non-chain restaurants (not Swiss Chalet).

Does any one know of any Christmas Specials/Set Dinners served at any restaurant in the GTA throughout the week (besides 24-25)?

We went to Kingyo last night and they had this Christmas special at $28 for 2 (yes, originally, I thought it was per person but it's the price for 2). The Christmas special/set dinner includes:
- Garlic Tuna Tataki & Ponzu Jelly
- A Big Kingyo Short Rib
- Stone bowl Pork Kakuni Don
- One dessert of your choice

You might want to add a couple of more dishes depending on your appetite but it's great!

Just wanted to know if there are any other Christmas Specials/Set Dinners in town.

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