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Saltine Toffee

This stuff has been around a good while, but I was reminded of how good it is the other day at someone's retirement/holiday party. I believe some people call it "bark" or something. Anyway, one bite and it's all over but the crying. You'll go back and keep picking up pieces until you get disgusted with yourself for being such a p-i-g hog. Plus there's an infinite number alternative ingredients to consider... think bite -size pretzels instead of saltines. And the recipe couldn't be much easier. Of course, anything that calls for a entire cup of butter and brown sugar might make your skin crawl, but you're only going to eat one piece... right?

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  1. You got a recipe? My grandmother always made white chocolate bark with broken stick pretzels and Spanish peanuts...awesome and easy. But I LOVE toffee so please share!

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    1. Amen sista. That stuff is wicked.

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          Is it safe to assume this can be done with white chocolate?

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            oh, for sure.

            i usually make it with dark chocolate and you can glam it up with m&m's, crushed nuts, colored jimmies, etc.

        2. I saw this on Trisha Yearwood's show and had to make them. She calls them Sweet and Saltines.

          1. Made a batch this week for the office. We call it Christmas crack, or just "the stuff."

            1. Sounds great! I'll have to get some saltines and try making it... I volunteered to bring christmas goodies to our SILs and I need some really easy recipes!

              1. Make it with Club crackers and it'll change your world! We're invited to a "after the holiday party" and that's what we always bring. The pan is empty - always.

                We call it Christmas Crack as well.

                1. In my house it's known as just crack. It's definitely made at times of the year other than December!

                  1. I use this recipe:


                    It uses matzoh and is unbelievably addictive!

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                      The salt in the saltines makes it even better imo

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                        I don't doubt it!

                        Matzoh is one of those things I just purchase once a year and usually have a bit leftover. Since discovering this preparation I no longer have to toss it.

                        I am truly afraid of what would happen to my waistline if I ever tried making it with ingredients which are always in my cupboard! Matzoh keeps me at a once a year indulgence. :-)

                    2. Saw this "crack" made on Trisha Yearwood's cooking show. For being so darn simple (saltines, butter, brown sugar), pretty darn tastey!

                      1. I reread my post... why is it that I always leave out a word in a sentence and read like a fool? Anyway... I made a big batch of the stuff yesterday and took it to my pub for their customer appreciation party. I called it Pretzel Pecan Crack. It was fun to watch people take their first bite and smile. One lady tracked me down for the recipe and I told her that there are a million and one versions on the net... just search for saltine toffee or pretzel toffee. Ultimately you'll just have to experiment. My first batch came out thicker than most, but that didn't seem to stop people from going back for more.

                        1. I made a double batch of smitten kitchen's crack this year. It went over very, very well.

                          1. I made a test batch of this last night and then man went nuts for it so I'll be making many pans of it for him to take to work Monday. I'm relieved, I found out SIL won't be coming home for Christmas so I'm off the hook for the cookies she likes (so expensive to make and soooooooo time consuming.) Christmas Crack will replace the cookies at a fraction of the cost and time. Merry Christmas to me!