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Dec 20, 2013 04:05 AM

kicking up a leek-ricotta tart

I have some very nice goat's milk ricotta (fairly dense, for cooking) and have seethed some leeks, and want to make a vegetable tart - like a quiche, but less egg, for a holiday meal. However, I want to kick it up a bit. I do have stronger aged goat's milk cheese, flatleaf parsley, frozen spinach - can easily buy fresh, or just about any kind of spice, several types of fresh herbs available in winter...

I want to kick this up, without overpowerng the goat ricotta, and don't want to add meat as at least one of the people eating it will be vegetarian. Ideas?

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  1. heaps of fresh herbs, like mint and dill, in addition to the parsley. also zest of lemon or orange.

    smoked paprika or sumac as the dried spice.

    1. I'd use fresh thyme and leave it at that. Sometimes subtle is the best result.

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        Thanks to both of you. Both takes are very interesting. I was also thinking of Thai basil, which I can get (cheap) at a Southeast Asian shop nearby. I do have both Spanish smoked paprika (which I love, and reminds some of bacon) and sumac.

      2. I like the addition of a bitter green, just a bit.

        1. I make in Italian tart that includes ricotta, chopped spinach, eggs, grated parm, green onions, a bit of heavy cream, and a sprinkling of freshly grated nutmeg...yum!

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            That is a nice combination. All stuff I have, though I tend to use romano. I did buy a bunch of green onions yesterday.

            Would you believe that I'm out of ... flour? I am setting off in the snow to pick up some odds and ends, and will have to write down that essential. (I used unbleached, organic flour, so I buy it in small quantities).