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Dec 20, 2013 02:16 AM

5 Days in Paris, Jan 2014 - Feedback welcome

My sister and I will be spending 5 days in Paris this January. (We are thrilled!) We're not looking for 3 michelin star haute cuisine, but rather would prefer to experience the new crop of fine dining restaurants that have emerged with elevated and creative food in a more relaxed setting. On an aside, we'd also like to mix in some cool spots with a younger and hip scene (Paris's answer to NYC's Spotted Pig or Torrisi or some of the restaurants in Brooklyn - that sort of ilk). We're staying in the 8th but are happy to go anywhere for a good meal and are flexible on price. Based on many reviews already posted on this board I've put together the following itinerary. Please offer feedback as I have a feeling I may be way off on a few of these. Thanks!!

Breizh Café
le Comptoir

Verjus Bar a Vins
Caffé dei Cioppi
Le 6 Paul Bert

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  1. Why L'Avenue, it seems unlike your other choices?
    And if you want newer, hipper, how about Roca, Lazare and the Cantine de la Cigale (I know the Spotted Pig & Brooklyn but know of no Parisian equivalents).

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      Thanks for the feedback, John. I can't recall how I arrived at L'Avenue, but I'm certainly not wedded to it. I'm not looking for Paris equivalents of the NY spots I listed, so much as I was giving a sense of the way I'd hope to eat in Paris (elevated food, relaxed vibe). I'll give the ones you suggested a try. Thanks!

      1. re: John Talbott

        L'Avenue might be justifiable for an over-priced salady lunch and plutocrat people-watching in summer... but not in January.