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Dec 19, 2013 10:54 PM

Which do you remember longer, a restaurant's food, or its decor?

When my husband and I go on road trips every few months, we often take the 'scenic byways' that parallel the interstate. We've stopped at interesting restaurants with great food in many small towns and cities.
These little places start to get all jumbled up in my head, and DH will try and jog my memory by telling me what we ate.
More often than not, I'll ask him about the decor and where we sat in the room.. "Was that the one where we sat in a small room on the right and the walls were wood?" or "did we sit on high stools and they had the best bathroom ever?"
I don't know what I had at the wood wall place, but I know the field peas were killer at the one with the stools and the cool bathroom.
I remember floors and fabrics, chairs and room placement. He remembers the food and the wait staff. Usually once we put all those together, I can get a pretty clear picture of the place.

We're heading out tomorrow for a two week trip up to Philadelphia, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs and down to Charleston, then back home to Atlanta. Maybe I should take pictures!

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  1. all i remember is the food.
    the name of the restaurant, it's location, the decor, all lost to me in no time.

    1. usually one or the other, almost never both.

      1. Food is what I remember.

        Although, when I write a review, I do sometimes comment on other aspects - decor (rarely), tables too close together or too small (quite often), uncomfortable chairs (more often than I'd wish)

        1. One hopes that the food is memorable, and one hopes the decor is not, unless of course it is truly stunning.

          1. Yes taking pictures of wherever you ate sounds like a good idea.
            One of my all time favorite phrases: "road trip".