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Dec 19, 2013 09:30 PM

Chilli Willie's coming soon to.. uh.. somewhere in NJ...

Saw this ad in the Shop-A-Holic, which is owned by the same people who own Paco's Tacos in Marlboro, Cafe Spezia in Manalapan, and I suspect Trios in Old Bridge. Not to mention the failed Cheesesteak Factory in Matawan. I suspect Willie's is of the same ownership. In fact, it's pretty obvious, especially since the Paco's Tacos, Spezia, Trios, and Chilli ads are all within a few pages of each other. (Not to mention the above website offers "Magnum Wings" - which are also offered by Paco's Tacos). Sounds to me like a reincarnation of the Cheesesteak Factory, as in, "We HAVE to make it work THIS time!"

Same kind of hype as Paco's Tacos.. ooooh, the mystery.. where will it be? How long will we be subjected to images of a penguin riding a surfboard before the place opens?

Get your Foodie groove on, indeed.

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  1. I have to go past the former Cheesesteak Factory location tomorrow, so will check & see if anything is going on there. Don't think it would be there, though, cause there's not that much parking, but you never know.

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    1. re: Jerzeegirl

      Didn't that spot get taken over by a produce store?

      I'm one of the minorities here who enjoy Paco's tacos.

      Trios was an abortion. (Albeit I did only go once, might have been a bad night).

      I like this greasy "junk" food type of stuff, so I will give this new place a try.

      I don't think it's just this owner, but great Cheese steaks in general just seem to be a hard business to pull off in this area.

      1. re: coldsolderjoint

        I think the produce store went out of business too. Last time I went past there it was the middle of the day & it was closed. That location needs an exorcism. Nothing sticks there.
        Good Italian Hot Dogs are another business that doesn't seem to do well in this area either. Finally found one I really liked near my house but they didn't last long either.

        1. re: Jerzeegirl

          I knew a guy who knew a guy who was friends with the landlord of that little plaza and the rumor is that the landlord likes to play games and makes it unfriendly for tenants.

          As far as Italian Hotdogs, Jersey Joe's seemed to have been wiped out by Sandy. I don't drive by there often, but last time I did, there was a sign saying they would not be opening this season, and I believe there was a real estate sign out front.

          1. re: coldsolderjoint

            Just drove past the Cheesesteak Factory/Produce stand location. There's a for rent sign in the window. That landlord must be some piece of work that so many businesses are failing in that strip mall.

    2. Cool... let the game of guessing the new location begin....