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Dec 19, 2013 07:56 PM

Researched foodie itinerary, help me narrow down

First off, let me say the posts on this board have been tremendous help in building our itinerary. My problem is narrowing it down to the final selections. Would appreciate your thoughts on the following.

Dinner options - pick 4
Doris Metropolitan

Lunch options - pick 4
Willie Mae's
Killer Po-Boys
Cochon Butcher

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  1. Lunch: go to Butcher four times lol, excellent food. Went there 3/4 days on my last trip.

    1. Coquette, Mariza, Doris, and Maurepas. Domenica, Butcher, and find two more.

      1. Coquette, Sylvain, Brigsten’s and Maurepas for dinner. Domenica, Butcher, Johnny’s and I’d probably do one brunch type place (Atchafalaya, Surrey’s, Commander’s).

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          Went to Brigtsen's last night. Very mixed. All mains included precut veg mix- carrot, broccoli, squash - with a couple of green beans thrown in. It was cheap space filler. Food was ok. Rabbit dry. I'd skip it.

          1. re: SB foodie

            I'll make sure Frank sees this..and then stand back

        2. Thanks for the replies! We've done SoBou, Doris, Sylvain so far. Wanted to do Domilise for lunch but saw they were closed on Sunday, so we went to Parasol's. Highlights have been Sylvain and Doris. Sobou was just ok. Unexpected surprise was Cafe Amelie for lunch the first day we arrived. It was outstanding. Doing Mariza for dinner tonight and want to try a brunch tomorrow. Thinking Luke?
          Will give more detailed review when we return.

          1. Id try willie Mae, domilise, CochonButcher and Domenica