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Dec 19, 2013 07:42 PM


Hello, I wanted to do a tarragon salad for Christmas. I require a large amount of the fresh herb. I do not want to resort in buying 15 packets of the supermarket stuff. Does anyone know where I can buy the "bunches" of herbs here in Montreal. In the summer there is a guy in Jean-Talon but in the winter i'm not sure where to go.

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  1. Have you tried Adonis or the public markets? Ethnic grocery stores?

    1. G&D grocery in the basement of Swatow Plaza has large bunches of basil, parsley, oregano, etc for very cheap. Dunno if I've seen tarragon, though.

      1. I would be highly surprised if you found tarragon in large bunches at Adonis or at a Chinese supermarket.

        My first idea was Chez Louis in JTM. Probably pretty expensive, but you might not have a choice. Fresh tarragon isn't exactly an everyday item.

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          Some varieties, at least, are very hardy here, if you have even a spot of lawn. I miss my little herb patch, and hope the current residents have kept it.

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            I tried to buy some fresh tarragon in the fall at JTM, but all that I could find were plants. What I have done in the past is froze fresh tarragon in the fall but that kind of tarragon is only useful if you are cooking something. A salad would need fresh, so if all else fails, I suggest buying it in the grocery store.