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Dec 19, 2013 06:17 PM

new kosher certified products-askinosie chocolate bars and dulcet

dulcet - kosher under oregon kosher
Awards 2 Gold sofis™ (both for Mild Indian Curry Ketchup)
10 Silver sofi's™ (various)
Grand Champion, International Mustard Festival, (Madras Curry Mustard)
Gold Winner, Exotic Category, Int'l Mustard Festival (Moroccan Mustard)
3-Star Gold Winner, UK's Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards (Moroccan Mustard)
Mild Indian Curry Sauce
Tangy & Peppery Moroccan Sauce
Lemon, Mustard & Dill Sauce
Essential Balsamic Sauce & Dressing
Toasted Sesame & Ginger Asian (Stir Fry & Dipping) Sauce

Madras Curry Mustard
Moroccan Mustard
Creole Mustard
Sweet Orange Chile Mustard

Mild Curry Ketchup
Peppery Moroccan Ketchup
Sweet Orange Chile Ketchup

Madras Curry Cooking Spice & Rub
Moroccan Cooking Spice and Rub
Creole Cooking Spice and Rub

kosher certified by kansas city vaad (nearly everything)
Awards Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine
Times of London - Top Ten Chocolate Bars in the World
2009 sofi Silver Finalist - Outstanding Chocolate
2010 sofi Silver Finalist - Outstanding Chocolate
2011 sofi Silver Finalist - Outstanding Chocolate, Outstanding Nut Butter, Outstanding Packaging Design
2012 sofi Silver Finalist - Outstanding Chocolate

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  1. Both product lines look interesting, but some of the Dulcet products aren't kosher.

    1. askinosie looks very interesting, but I don't see anything about it being kosher at and on askinosie's website they say:

      "Is your chocolate Kosher certified?
      No, our chocolate is not yet Kosher certified. However, we are looking into Kosher certification. "


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      1. re: follick

        In June, the family-run chocolate company, founded in the heartland town of Springfield, Mo., in 2007, received kosher certification from the Kansas City Va’ad HaKashrut, something founder Shawn Askinosie pursued even though he is Christian.
        He has Jewish ancestry, though: his paternal grandfather, Samuel, was a Russian-born Jew who was raised in Argentina and immigrated to New York, where he and Hungarian-born Ida met, married and raised a Jewish family.
        “With that being my family, [kosher certification] was important to me, and I really wish my grandparents were here to see that,” Askinosie said.
        Ninety-eight percent of Askinosie Chocolate products are now certified pareve, dairy and DE, which indicates that the product does not contain dairy, but was made using equipment that processes dairy.
        Certifying Askinosie kosher was easy because the ingredients used in the chocolate are all organic and unprocessed, said Mendel Segal, the executive director of Kansas City Va’ad HaKashruth.
        “It’s actually ideal because of the purity of their process. A lot of those types of ingredients are by nature kosher when they come in in their raw form,” Segal said.
        Segal said that more and more of Missouri’s specialty food products are becoming kosher certified, and Askinosie Chocolate is one of a few Missouri businesses, such as Date Lady and Strawberry Hill Povitica, that have made the move to expand their market by going kosher.

        1. re: koshergourmetmart

          I'd still like to see something from the KC Vaad saying that they supervise this. I've emailed them to ask about it.

          1. re: follick

            Rabbi Segal at KC Vaad replies:
            "Yes they are certified by the KC Vaad, not every single one of their products are certified kosher however most of their products are.

            They are NOT Cholov Yisroel"

        2. re: follick

          I saw that in the FAQ section as well and wrote the company with suggestions how to improve the website for the kosher consumer as well as correcting the inaccuracy. They responded very quickly and said it would be fixed.

        3. both companies have the kosher information under product information such as

          Tangy & Peppery Moroccan Sauce

          We've blended traditional North African spices including cinnamon, saffron and paprika to create this adventurous sauce and marinade. The perfect grilling sauce for capturing the flavors of Morocco, it is also excellent with chicken, lamb, vegetables and cous cous.

          INGREDIENTS: non gmo canola oil, sugar, rice vinegar, sea salt, spanish paprika, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, coriander, black pepper, cayenne, saffron, gum acacia (from the acacia tree), xanthan gum.

          All natural; no preservatives
          Wheat and Gluten-Free, Vegan
          a recyclable glass bottle with yummy serving suggestions
          on the label
          Kosher Certified