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Dec 19, 2013 03:04 PM

Need a location for a 30 person group, $25 per person (Wednesday 1/22, 6pm)

Hi All!

I'm looking for recommendations for a location to hold a group dinner for my co-workers to celebrate a milestone on 1/22, but being a startup, we have a tight budget--$25 per person.

We have 30 people on the team and would like to dine on a Wednesday at 6pm. Could potentially do earlier if it would affect cost.

Our office in in Soho/Tribeca border, so anywhere in Soho, West Village, Chinatown, Little Italy, or Tribeca would be ideal.

Creativity welcome! Bonus points if the options might include wine!

Merry Christmas,


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  1. I assume $25pp does NOT include tax, tip, wine/drinks? That is quite low for downtown Manhattan for such a big group.

    Try Oriental Garden.

    1. That is a realllyyyy difficult budget...
      Sigiri in e village is BYO, sri lankan food. Call about a party that size- in the middle of the week in late january they might just give you the place for a while.

      Congee village is also good for a group, but no byo option, would have to be one or less drinks per person to stay near $25/per

      1. We had a fun gathering after an all-day conference at Cowgirl at 519 Hudson Street. They have a number of party menu options, and a separate back room for a group your size.

        Westville at 333 Hudson is pretty quiet that time of day, and the price point you want (including wine) would work. It's worth asking them if they would accommodate a party.

        1. Try contacting American Flatbread. The space is massive and the pizza is decent.