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Dec 19, 2013 02:04 PM

Sources for an Aquavit tasting?

We're having Danish Xmas this year and looking for some less common Aquavit to go on the herring table. We have Aalborg and Linie on hand, but we're looking for more variety. Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, or Icelandic all work! Who stocks Aquavit in the Boston area? Tak --Thanks!

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  1. Good luck, think you bought everything locally available.

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      Tonight at Fresh Pond Liquors (next to WF) we found Festlig-- an American Aquavit with caraway and star anise--distilled in Portland Oregon. And a friend is contributing Nardini--an Italian 'Aquavite' flavored with rue--there are two leafy sprigs in the bottle. So we've wandered away from Scandinavia, and we'll report back later in the week.

    2. As a half Dane, I've always kept my eye out for interesting aquavit, but never found anything beyond Aalborg and Linie around here.

      A few years ago we did do a 'Mockuavit' binge, playing around with flavoring plain vodkas with spices and herbs. Lots of recipes on the internets. The first few we tried were very good. I don't remember the rest :)

      1. Do you have a source for Kranzekage? Craving some right now.

        1. Happy to share my mostly untouched liter of Skane - seriously (result of Stockholm trips and duty free time).

          it used to be Swedish, then Pernod bought it, and I think it's Finnish-owned now.

          It's an interesting flavor. Let me know how to contact you if interested.

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            We'd love to share your Skane --which is a past favorite at our house. Are you anywhere near Cambridge?

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              I am in Arlington and would be really happy to have it enjoyed in Cambridge for a holiday celebration - my wife lived on Dana St. pre-marriage. My number is 617-515-9699 - we are around with pretty flexible schedules - I may even be heading toward Formaggio / Savenor's at some point tomorrow (always a holiday must for us, to keep this about the topic for the board...). We should probably coordinate offline from here.

          2. I joined a golf league this year where the ladies keep flasks in their bags to celebrate birdies. Since my playing partner and I are both Swedish and wore blue and yellow, I wanted Aquavit in mine. I had to search high and low for any of it and found Aalborg at Atlas in Quincy. Most liquor stores looked at me like I had three heads.

            Sadly, my flask is half full.