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Dec 19, 2013 09:54 AM

Goya Products?

I live in Los Angeles, in Los Feliz, to be exact, and was shocked to find how limited the selection of Goya products are at the local supermarkets (though I come from a city with a large Brazilian population, so maybe I'm spoiled). I know their products have more of a Caribbean slant, but I would think that their high quality and lower sodium content would have some appeal to Angelenos. I am specifically looking for this:
I could order it from Amazon, but I'd love to have it today, if at all possible. Anyone buy this regularly and know where I could pick it up, somewhat locally?


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  1. Jons has a good selection of Goya. I'm not sure there's one in Los Feliz but I think there's one on La Brea. :)

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    1. re: Kate is always hungry

      Sadly, Jon's on La Brea closed at least a year ago. But, there are two in Glendale which would not be far for the op.

      1. re: Bob Brooks

        There's a Jon's on Vermont near the hospital.

    2. Try some of the Hispanic markets in/around El Sereno (to the east of you) or El Monte (further east), or if you don't mind driving a bit in this, ahem, rain you could poke around the markets in Huntington Park (south of you).

      1. @kate is always hungry -- THERE IS A JON'S TWO MILES FROM ME! I'll check it out.

        And thank you, @ipsedixit. I'm on a mission and no amount of rain is going to stop me.

        When I find the Goya, I'll report back. Thank you!

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        1. I know and love that cornmeal.

          You can get it at any Vallerta Market (north hollywood would be your closest) or, there is a cuban market on Glendale Blvd., in Atwater Village by Out of the Closet and Proof Bakery. I have gotten it there in the past.

          A excuse to visit Proof Bakery? Why not?!

          1. Food 4 Less actually has a lot of Goya products. There is one right off the Sunset exit on the 101.