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Dec 19, 2013 09:48 AM

Shopping advice in Arlington/DC

I will be moving to the DC area in January (living in Arlington, working in DC), and am looking for suggestions of great places for groceries. Various ethnic grocery stores, farmers markets, and other recommendations.

I'm unfortunately currently on a gluten free diet - so bakeries (unless they have gluten free goods) aren't of interest.

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  1. I'll start you off with the German Gourmet at Baileys XRoads, and AmerIca Seafood in North Arlington. Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike near Glebe used to be a decent small Asian market. I haven't been in a while, though.

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      Wasn't there a fire recently at the market attached to Bangkok 54?

      Eden Center, right outside of Arlington, has a couple of small grocery stores. I have found that Vietnamese food has several options for gluten free eating. There is a larger grocery store near there (Grand Mart); it is not one of the better Asian stores if you are willing to drive a few more miles.

      The Happy Tart has really awesome stuff.

    2. There may be others, but I know there's a gluten-free bakery in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria called the Happy Tart.

      1. Arlington has several farmer's markets, there probably will be one close by your place. Beyond the convenience of the neighborhood market, I'm partial to the Falls Church Market on Saturdays as it's pretty large and has a good variety of vendors.

        We also enjoyed our Summer/Fall CSA subscription this year through the BusFarm/Farm to Family. NoVa has lots of good CSA options that include delivery or pickup nearby. Also we order from Relay Foods, which does all kinds of decent fresh and locally-produced stuff and will either do pick up or delivery to your house.

        If you're big into Asian markets, there's a huge variety in Alexandria/Annandale/Fairfax. As far as mainstream stores, the Shopper's Food Warehouses have a broader selection of international items than your average store -- good if you just need to pick up one item and there's one convenient. But I wouldn't shop for other food there.