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Dec 19, 2013 09:21 AM

Very quick recap of our two days in Paris (Frenchie, Spring)

Made a last minute diversion through Paris on our way back to the US . As we'd just had more than our fill of large, tasting menus in Scandinavia, we could not possibly handle one more OTT, 3* style meal. And as we've been to the city many times, and it was last minute, we prepared ourselves to "wing it".

But, our hotel concierge was able to secure dinner reservations at both Frenchie and Spring (from a much larger list we curated from recs here and elsewhere), so we though we ought to give them a shot.

Both were enjoyable. But I do think general expectations should be tempered -- especially given the general degree of difficulty in securing reservations. These places are not otherworldly, and I feel if one goes in expecting to be blown away, one may be setting him or herself up for disappointment.

That being said, by far the clear "winner" between the two, for us, is Spring. Every single bite we thoroughly enjoyed. Nothing ground-breaking, just perfectly balanced, harmonious dishes that were not needlessly complicated or made overly frilly. And a very well selected wine pairing. Great overall value, given we've paid far more for far less satisfying meals.

Not to say Frenchie was not also quite good; it is. I enjoyed the intimate space, and the menu as well. Dishes were all tasty, though nothing earth-shattering (not that I expected this). Still, good value as well, and a place to which I would return … though not if I had to exert any real effort to book. Perhaps a better way to put it is, I'm having a hard time recalling a single dish (other than dessert), and it was only a few days ago.

But, I do remember thinking to myself when we left, "That was nice". So, I dunno … there you have it.

We also rumbled our way through a few patisseries: Herme, Laduree, des Reves, Genin (no more pastries!?!?) etc etc, and collected quite a few treats. I am still in a sugar coma.

I know this isn't detailed, and I would normally post much more, but these places are both well-covered, and I don't really feel I have too much in the way of "new" to add. Mainly wanted to thank the board for the help, and chuck in our .02

Am planning on coming back in February, for 3 - 4 nights, and am starting to plan out our dining itinerary then. If we make it, will let you know what we experience.


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  1. Absolutely accurate analysis of both restaurants, at least from my perspective. (ps -- on the appropriate board I'd be curious to hear about your Scandinavian holiday.)

    1. I totally agree with your feedback on Spring. We enjoyed our meal a few days ago, but can't really remember what we had. We sat down in the cellar, which I very much enjoyed. Service was wonderful.
      The meal we will always remember is Garance in the 7th. We ate at the kitchen bar. We had an 8 course tasting menu (if our recollection is correct - we were in a food coma by the time we left!) The chef is inventive without being over the top. The best meal of our trip!

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        Garance is delicious. And I'm a fan of the space. The wine is expensive but the list is excellent.

        1. re: Nancy S.

          Agree about wine list. We were blown away at the prices. We had one of the least expensive wines, a Bourgogne
          at 46EU.