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Settebello, Pizzeria Mozza, or others?

Hey guys

So I'm looking for a pizza place, and will be consuming equal parts pizza and wine+dessert. (Most likely 1 app, 1 pizza, some wine, and several desserts)

I've been to mozza before, but never been to settebello. Open to other suggestions too!

*edited to make it less confining.

Thank You!

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  1. With those parameters, Mozza. Pizza alone, Settebello.

    1. neither -- olio much better on pizza. for deserts not as good, but a damn fine chocolate pizza thing.

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        I think it impossible that Olio is much better on pizza than Settebello, but your comment has inspired me to try it.

        1. re: set0312

          i love it, takes like 3 minutes to cook in that wood burning oven -- i like the marguerita one or the one with the fennel pepperoni. nice beer/wine choices. very very casual. hope you do enjoy. re settlebello, olio wins out for me based on being very close to our crib, so i get to enjoy it often. settebello not shabby by any means!

      2. This would be *my* ranking based on your parameters (pizze/vino/dolci):

        1. Pizzeria Mozza
        2. Sotto
        3. Settebello
        4. Bestia
        5. Milo & Olive

        *Mother Dough would've made the list, but their desserts kind of suck. I take that back. Their dolci suck a lot.

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          re: milo & olive
          in particular, i think their anchovy pizza is the best in town.

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            I'm a simple person, but if I could eat their Bianca pies all day long (and not throw up after about 10 of them), I would.

          2. re: ipsedixit

            Yahh, sure.

            You are a simple person with refined tastes who eats at some of the finest restaurants in L.A. and New York and other places in the world.

            Oh, and you have a degenerate love for McDonald's Filet-of-Fish sandwiches, the flaw that makes you human.


          3. For something different, I would recommend Pizzeria Il Fico on Robertson. They have a good selection of apps and desserts. Great pastas too

            1. Also recommend Sotto. Especially if wine is involved. I like the wine selection at Sotto better than Pizzeria Mozza. Ask for help from the sommelier. The Margherita (soft wet center) is delicious and I usually drink it with the COS frappato. Reasonably priced. Hard to go wrong with the combo. Sneak in an order of the rigatoni with chicken livers and maitake mushrooms.

              1. Old school: Tarantino's.
                New school: Luggage Room.

                1. Stella Barra (sea salt butterscotch budino, fantastic cookies)

                  i can't stand P Mozza pizza-bread so... I'd eat Olio Pizza, then P. Mozza for wine & dessert.

                  1. speaking about the pizza only:

                    love, love, love settebello (ate dinner there last night, they are on my regular rotation.)
                    that said, my caveat is that i believe their "regular" pizzas are better than their smaller-size happy hour pizzas. the crusts on the regular pizzas are thinner and, imho, that slight decrease in crust thickness makes for a far better pizza.

                    would add stella barra in santa monica to your list. the tomato sauce at stella barra is thick and has a very intense tomato flavor. their crust is not the neapolitan 00 flour crust, but is made with a more rustic flour that, iirc, is milled to order for them.
                    be forewarned that the wait and the parking situation at stella barra in santa monica can be punishing. also, since they store some of their wine near the ceiling, i've never tried any of it.

                    1. I am not a fan of Mozza (wasn't impressed with the dough). That said, it's a toss up between Settebello and Luggage Room for me. Settebello wins on pizza overall. I'd guess Luggage Room would have better desserts (assuming they are sourced from LGO next door).

                      1. As good as the pizza is at Mozza, there are two other things that keep bringing me back: squash blossoms app & salted butterscotch pudding dessert.

                        1. Love the pizza at Sotto. Very good apps too.

                          1. I'd avoid Stella Barra, at least in Hollywood. It is very corporate (owned by big chain) and the pizza was weird - the dough was thin and crust very dark, but it also tasted undercooked - like eating raw dough.

                            If you do go, go next door to Amoeba records and get their monthly/quarterly magazine - it has a 15% off coupon.

                            They also don't 100% validate parking anymore - its $3.00.

                            I like Mozza. Had good pies at Sotto and Bestia too. Frankly, though, i'm just as satisfied having a slice of Sicilian from Joes or a slice of cheese from Vito's. Pizza, like burgers, is not a $30/pp meal IMHO.

                            1. Pizzeria Mozza~
                              Three (3) Strikes (all trumped by the pizza fail):

                              Paper Napkins at a linen price point
                              Negligent Service