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Dec 19, 2013 08:29 AM

Robert Irvine in ABQ

Anyone locally working on this yesterday and today?

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  1. Sorry I missed this; would have been fun!

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    1. re: DebitNM

      Hi Deb. They were filming in Whole Foods on Wyoming a couple of days before Christmas (see their FB page).

      Happy Holidays!

    2. My next door neighbor volunteered as a "before" diner. Hoping to see her complain about the food, as they were all coached to do, when the episode airs, but she's so nice, she probably didn't provide usable footage. I wish I'd known about this earlier, too. My Dad would have been perfect for the complaining segment. I guess there is a reason to read the Journal after all.

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      1. re: ninrn

        Ha! I have a lot of local food friends on FB and didn't hear a word about it either.

        Happy New Year!

        1. re: sandiasingh

          Happy New Year to you, too, sandiasingh.