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Dec 19, 2013 08:00 AM

Dinner for 15 in Framingham Need Advice

I am looking for suggestions on where to take 15 work associates for dinner in January. Some are from this area and some are from outside the country. Middle of the road for expense. Not the Capital Grille and not the 99.

Any ideas?

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    1. John Harvard's does a decent job with groups. I think the food there is okay.

      Stone's Public House (Ashland) might work. I think they have an upstairs room for groups.

      Sichuan Gourmet would be an interesting choice. I've been to group dinners that big, and they do a great job. That would be the best food of the the options I've suggested, but perhaps challenging...depends on your group.

        1. Recently had a dinner about this size at Oga in Natick, just over the Framingham line - great service, great food (Japanese but not all sushi), nice space set up for a group exactly this size. Highly recommended.

          1. Legal Seafood
            Joe's Bar and Grille
            Blue Agave (formerly La Carreta)
            Beer Works

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            1. re: Gordough

              how's the food at the Framingham Beer Works? I haven't been there yet, curious about it.

              1. re: ChinaCat

                Same as the other Beer Works. Serviceable pub food and nothing more or less. I prefer both the food and the beer to John Harvard's but others may disagree.

              2. re: Gordough

                We went to Blue Agave last month. Now, since we're in Framingham, the bar is set much lower than it used to be. I can honestly say that as far as atmosphere, staff, food, (reheated out of cans, it seemed, if that), it was not something we will EVER return to...Not even to eat chips and drink in the bar; that bad!