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Dec 19, 2013 07:21 AM

Purchasing Frozen Lobster Pie, Methuen/Andover area?

I have an aunt who loves lobster. Does anyone know of a place that sells family size frozen New England Style (cracker crumb, rather than pot pie style would be ideal) lobster pies? Nason's on Rte 133 sells a good frozen haddock pie, and Thwaites a salmon pie, but darned if I know where to get a frozen lobster pie (or three). TIA.

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  1. The Epicurean Shoppe at the century house in Peabody sells frozen lobster pie...but they put newburg sauce instead of butter and bread crumbs.

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      Thanks Labrys--is it a good product, do you know? I don't think she'd mind a good newburg sauce.

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        I've gotten it there many times and it has had buttered Ritz cracker crumbs all over it. They're very accommodating and if you call them, they might make up family sized ones for you. A few months ago, I needed a large order of their barbecued chicken breasts(they're really good too) and they had them done for me about 4 hrs later. I also love their Haddock Au Gratin and always get several to freeze. I just had one last night.

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          I did not try it...the bf had it...I not a good judge of the sauce since I do not really like Newburgh sauce.

      2. If you call and order the Century House will make it anyway you would like it.

        1. the boston chowda company in North Andover runs that as a special. and they may stock it in their frozen food section, they have lobster ravioli and all the other pies they sell available frozen. you could call and check,

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            Although pretty good, the pies are very small. They look larger than they are because the container they're in is shallow. I think Century House's are much better.

          2. Thank you, all. I might do a small personal study of the various pies this weekend, just for scientific purposes. I'm glad there are options "close to home."

            1. You probably already thought of a bunch of fresh lobster meat, mix crushed Ritz crackers with lots of butter, put it on top of the meat and freeze it if you need it frozen.