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Dec 19, 2013 06:53 AM

ssam, yunnan waits on friday - 4ppl, 715?

have been to ssam a bunch and love it, haven't been to yunnan.

anyhow, there's going to be 4 of us tomorrow (friday) at about 7:15 pm. how long is the wait usually for ssam or yunnan around that time? or is there a similar kind of place (real good food, casual dress, smaller plates but NOT spanish tapas - we've done that the last couple times) that can seat 4 at that time?


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  1. I'm guessing 30-45 minutes at Ssam, but you could wait at Booker & Dax next door. Ssam was packed this past Sunday around 6:45pm as a data point.

    What about Louro or Pearl & Ash? Both show availability on OpenTable for that time slot.

    1. kathryn - pearl & ash = perfect! weird thing - i checked yesterday there, and there was nothing available for 2, 3, 4 past 630.

      am making reservations now, will wait for my friends to get back to me. thanks for checking, i had given up on pearl (and saw so many raves about it, i can't wait to try it).

      1. so, the meal was outstanding. we had 11 dishes, the only one which wasn't, at a minimum really good was the lobster. other than that, we had (in ranking from best downwards)

        best: fluke, skate, hanger tartare, octopus, lamb belly
        next: bread (especially the butter) , hamachi, sweetbreads,
        final: stuffing, pork meatball

        and the pork meatball/stuffing was real good, but the dishes in the first group were amazing.

        only problem - we wanted to order a couple times, and he basically said that it wasn't tapas, we had to order all at once so they could space things. i asked about if we wanted more / were still hungry could we get more, he said yes.

        so we ordered slightly under what we would have gotten, and then said "hey, we're kinda full, why get more?" if we had been able to break it up, they would have had a few more plates to sell.

        but it's fine, that's the way they do things, and the food was outstanding + service was real good as well, so it's a minor complaint.

        thanks again for the reco kathryn!