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Dec 19, 2013 05:37 AM

The Atlantic's Guide to the Best Food Books of 2013

I stumbled across this yesterday and found a couple of books that were interesting to me. Sadly, as my capital letter years have dragged on, I have been less and less interested in reading anything longer than an Atlantic article. There were, however, a couple of works listed that may help bring my eyes out of retirement. For example, "The Taste of America" and "Pok Pok" struck me. I was also wondering about getting a copy of "The Way We Ate" for a budding 'hound in my family who is also quite interested in American History.

So, without further ado, has anyone read any of these books? Have any thoughts about them? Have any suggestions of new books that didn't make the list? Other comments?

Here's the link:

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  1. Am I allowed to say I have not read but written one of the books? It's "Sauces & Shapes."

    Another that was highly recommended to me by Mitchell Davis is "Saving the Season," which I intend to acquire.

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      Hell, mb, that's cool by this 'hound - "hat's off", indeed!. I think I'll order a copy for the kid. Too bad I can't get you to sign it.

    2. "In Meat We Trust"
      - by Maureen Ogle

      A book worth noting, and worth reading.

      (And, no, I'm not the author.)

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        I just asked my local library to get me a copy to "rent". It should be here after the Seventh of January. I woulda bought a copy if you were the author, ipse.

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          Let me know what you think. I'd be very interested in your thoughts.

      2. I did read Poor Man’s Feast by Altman and enjoyed the passages where she talks about her upbringing. You can preview passages and get a sense of her writing style here:

        1. "An Everlasting Meal," by Tamar Adler in which she discusses how to select and cook economically and instinctively. Wonderful prose as well.

          1. Maybe "The Best AMERICAN Food Books of 2013"?
            Nigel Slater's "Eat" should be on any top 10 global list.