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Dec 19, 2013 05:31 AM

Driving through Atlanta to Florida

Where is a good, quick place to stop for dinner (not a chain)?

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  1. I-75? I-85? Fast or slow? Anything you like/don't? Crawling through during rush hour on a workday?

    You haven't given much to go on other than asking for a spoon feed.

    1. Tricky because even the good non-chain, quick places can get busy; i.e. Houston's or Local Three (on 75).
      Depends on time of day and what you really want.

      1. We expect to get to the Atlanta area on I-75 about 5-6pm the day after Christmas. This will be after 9 hours of driving with three more hours to go. We stopped at the Varsity last year. Interesting experience, but would like something a little better, but still quick. Thanks!

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          All off of 75 north of the city:
          OK Café
          Flying Biscuit

          Could explore the Vinings area....lots of choices there.

          Also checkout Atlantic Station:

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            Thanks for all the great ideas!

          2. re: rlspike

            In addition to rcburli's suggestions:

            Taqueria del Sol- there's one near Atlantic Station or one that's a slight side trip on Cheshire Bridge
            Figo Pasta- another local chain with a location near Atlantic Station (same location as Taqueria)
            Heirloom Market BBQ- also near I-75 near 285 on the N side (takeout; assume they'll be open)
            Antico Pizza Napoletana- also near Atlantic Station/GA Tech

            If the last two interest you, I would check- they might also be on the road to FL via I-75 on the 26th.

            You could also make a slight side trip to either Grindhouse Burgers (Piedmont Rd) or Farm Burger (on Piedmont Rd a couple miles north and less easy to get to exc via 285 and GA 400). Or Bantam & Biddy (rotisserie chicken and sides) for that matter.

          3. Id add Der Biergarten---I love Antico but at 730 itll be packed

            1. You could get off 75 at Howell Mill Road. Flip Burger is fun, usually some interesting choices. A bit further south on Howell Mill is a Figo Pasta and a Taqueria del Sol which ted mentioned, along with Star Provisions which makes good sandwiches and has a bakery. A little farther is West Egg Cafe - serves meatloaf, chicken & waffles. etc..